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    New Board Members and Officers
    Posted on 12/10/2017
    The school board poses for a photo

    New Board Members Welcomed, Officers Elected for 2017-18

    During the December 6 meeting, the Seattle School Board welcomed returning and new members and elected the 2017-18 board officers.

    In November, Seattle voters elected Zachary DeWolf and Eden Mack, who won the two open Seattle School Board seats and Betty Patu, who won a third term on the Seattle School Board. The Seattle School Board of Directors, who represent each geographic region of Seattle, are elected for a term of four years. DeWolf, Mack and Patu join Rick Burke, Jill Geary, Leslie Harris and Scott Pinkham to serve on the board for Washington’s largest school district.

    On Dec. 6, the Seattle School Board elected Leslie Harris as board president and Rick Burke and Jill Geary were elected vice president and member-at-large, respectively. The board officers began their tenure the same day as the officer election and serve for a one-year term. Please join us in welcoming our newest board members and officers to these new roles.

    Leslie Harris: President

    Director HarrisDirector Harris was elected in November 2015 to represent District 6, West Seattle and South Park. She served as board vice president during the 2016-17 school year and previously on the Executive Committee. As a veteran of the Seattle professional litigation community, Director Harris has in-depth experience in civil rights issues related to local, state and national education law, police shootings and mis-use of power.

    She brings experience, authenticity and dedication to the position as well as a commitment to transparency, trust and equity in education. Alternative education, program placement, mentorship opportunities and partnering with the City of Seattle, are of particular interest to Director Harris. She has served in a number of district leadership capacities including chairing the Audit and Finance Committee during the 2016-17 school year, co-chairing last year’s community engagement task force, and leading on the district and City of Seattle MOU signed in November 2017.

    “I believe that the increased transparency and collaboration with all of our communities will lead to great change as we move forward towards delivering quality and equitable education in this, one of the fastest growing cities in the nation,” said Director Harris.

    “This Board is willing, ready and able to meet these challenges and addressing our superintendent search, collective bargaining with our educators and other labor partners, addressing the challenges for providing opportunities for each and every student, including our special needs students, and the entire continuum of learners, addressing new credit requirements and college and career readiness in a resource deficit environment.”

    Director BurkeRick Burke: Vice President

    Director Burke has represented District 2 since his election in November 2015. As president and engineering manager at Thermetrics, Director Burke’s extensive experience spans the private sector, public education and advocacy. Instructional materials and curriculum recommendations and community engagement are of particular interest to Director Burke.

    His commitment to improving academic focus and outcomes for all our students has been visible during his tenure as Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee chair during the 2016-17 school year. Burke will preside at board meetings in Director Harris’ absence.

    “In 2018, I'm looking forward to working with our new directors and especially excited about how current statewide emphasis on career alignment supports our work to enhance Career and Technical Education programs in Seattle Public Schools,” said Director Burke.


    Director GearyJill Geary: Member-at-Large

    Director Geary was elected in November 2015 to represent District 3. As a special education and family attorney and former administrative law judge, Director Geary brings analytical and negotiation skills to the role of member-at-large. Geary, who has recently served on the Operations and Curriculum and Instruction Policy committees, is committed to working collaboratively with her fellow directors to meet the challenge of preparing Seattle students for college, career and life.




    Director DeWolfZachary DeWolf: Represents District 5

    Director Zachary DeWolf is a program manager with All Home King County, which coordinates homelessness efforts across King County. He serves as president of Capitol Hill Community Council and as a commissioner for the Seattle Housing Authority Board. DeWolf is also a member of the Coalition to End Urban Native Homelessness and was an Institute for a Democratic Future Fellow.




    Director MackEden Mack: Represents District 4

    In 2015, Director Mack co-founded and served as founding president of Washington's Paramount Duty, a grassroots organization dedicated to advocating the state legislature to fund K-12 public education. Her extensive experience includes service on numerous boards, including as the legislative chair of Seattle Council of Parent, Teacher and Student Associations (SCPTSA), the Youth, Schools and Education Committee chair for Seattle City Neighborhood Council and as a member of the Seattle Public Schools Capacity Management Task Force.




    Betty Patu: Represents District 7

    Director PatuBeginning her third consecutive term, Director Patu brings leadership and experience to her work on the school board. Over the past two decades, Betty Patu has been honored with numerous awards, including the Asian Pacific Women’s Caucus, Warrior in Education Award, Patty Murray’s Tennis Shoe Award, and the Governor’s Volunteer Award.

    Her community volunteering includes service on the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition, Asian Counseling Referral Services board of directors, Rainier Beach Parent, Teachers, Students Association and founder and president of the Islanders Children and Youth Services. During the 2016-17 school year, Director Patu served on the Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee and as the liaison for the City of Seattle’s Department of Education and Early Learning. She also served as board president during the 2015-16 school year.


    Director PinkhamScott Pinkham: Represents District 1

    Director Pinkham is the director of the University of Washington’s Minority Scholars Engineering Program and an American Indian studies lecturer. Advancing programs that support underserved or underrepresented communities is a priority for Director Pinkham and he is committed to bringing increased transparency to the work of Seattle Public Schools. He served as the member-at-large and on the Operations Committee during the 2016-17 school year.

    2018 Committee Assignments

    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee acts as a liaison and provides leadership for Board activities.

    Leslie Harris, President
    Rick Burke, Vice President
    Jill Geary, Member-at-Large

    Operations Committee
    The Operations Committee develops, reviews, and make recommendations for operation, facility and capital program policies.

    Eden Mack, Chair
    Scott Pinkham
    Betty Patu

    Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee
    The Curriculum and Instruction Policy Committee develops and reviews academic policies and makes recommendations on Teaching and Learning Board Action Reports.

    Rick Burke, Chair
    Betty Patu
    Zachary DeWolf

    Audit and Finance Committee
    The Audit and Finance Committee provides oversight of the financial matters and budget development process of the District.

    Scott Pinkham, Chair
    Edan Mack
    Zachary DeWolf

    To learn more about the Seattle School Board Directors including contact information, please visit the director webpages.

    Rick Burke represents District 2 Northwest Seattle, including Greenlake, Greenwood and Fremont
    District 2 Director Webpage 

    Zachary DeWolf represents District 5 Central Seattle, including Capitol Hill, downtown and the Central Area
    District 5 Director Webpage

    Jill Geary represents District 3 Northeast Seattle, including Sand Point, View Ridge and Bryant
    District 3 Director Webpage

    Leslie Harris represents District 6, which includes West Seattle and South Park
    District 6 Director Webpage 

    Eden Mack represents District 4, Northwest and central Seattle, including Magnolia, Queen Anne and southern neighborhoods in Ballard 
    District 4 Director Webpage  

    Betty Patu represents District 7 Southeast Seattle, including Beacon Hill, Rainier Beach, Rainier View
    District 7 Director Webpage 

    Scott Pinkham representing District 1 North Seattle, including Broadview, North Beach, Olympic Hills
    District 1 Director Webpage  

    To contact the full School Board please email (only School Board Directors) or (School Board and Cabinet staff).