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    Capital Levies Fund School Construction
    Posted on 01/19/2018
    A rendering of Loyal Heights Elementary School

    Capital Levies Fund School Construction Progress

    As 2018 begins, planning is underway for six construction projects that increase capacity to address current and projected enrollment growth as well as update or replace buildings that are past their useful lifespan.

    Bagley Elementary School’s existing building will be renovated and modernized. A new addition will be built with eight new classrooms with learning support spaces. The gymnasium will be expanded. Construction is expected to begin in Spring 2019 with the school opening for students in Fall 2020.

    An addition to Ingraham High School will increase the school’s capacity by up to 500 additional students. It will help relieve overcrowding in north-end high schools. Construction will begin this spring and the addition is expected to open for students in Fall 2019.

    Magnolia School will undergo renovations to modernize the building in preparation for re-opening to address current and future capacity challenges. Construction is expected to begin this year with the opening in Fall 2019.

    Queen Anne Elementary will gain 200 seats of capacity and a gymnasium, thanks to an addition to the school. Construction is scheduled to begin in June with students returning from an interim location in Fall 2019.

    Planning continues for Webster School in Ballard, which will be modernized and brought back into service in the Fall 2020. Many may know this school as the Nordic Heritage Museum. The museum is moving this year and construction on the Webster building will start in the fall.

    Wing Luke Elementary has major systems and structural challenges. The existing buildings will be removed and a new school will be built to support best learning practices for elementary schools. The new school will provide capacity for up to 650 students, adding elementary capacity in southeast Seattle.

    In addition, three projects will continue construction during 2018: the modernization and addition at Loyal Heights Elementary, which will be completed by Fall 2018, modernization of E.C. Hughes, which opens Fall 2018, and the modernization at the Lincoln building, which will be reopened in Fall 2019 to provide space for up to 1,600 high school students.

    Enrollment in Seattle Public Schools has grown by 8,000 students in the past 10 years, creating a need to add more classroom space and related facilities. The district uses funds from voter-approved capital levies (taxes on local homeowners) to pay for new schools and to modernize and expand existing schools.

    The Building Excellence IV (BEX IV) Capital Levy was approved by voters in 2013 and is funding the projects at Bagley, Lincoln, Loyal Heights, Queen Anne and Wing Luke. In 2016, voters approved the Buildings, Technology and Academics IV (BTA IV) Capital Levy, which is providing funding for the projects at Hughes, Ingraham, Magnolia and Webster. More information about BTA and BEX can be found on the Capital Projects and Planning webpages.