Ice and Snow Transportation Plan

Procedure for Snowfall During Non-school Hours

Hazardous Snow or Ice Conditions Occurring During Non-school Hours


At approximately 2 a.m., designated school district transportation staff drive predetermined routes designed to assess conditions approaching and around a selected set of schools across the district. Drivers use a set of objective criteria to assess and record conditions used to assess safe driving and walking conditions around these schools. At 3 a.m., drivers report their findings to district supervisors, who will make a recommendation to the superintendent of whether to maintain normal operations, call for a two-hour delayed start to school, or close schools.

The targeted time for decisions regarding school delays or closures is by 5 a.m.


If inclement weather makes a schedule change necessary, the Seattle Public Schools Communication Office notifies families. The communications team alerts the local TV and radio stations, places a notice on the district and school websites and district social media accounts. Families will receive a phone call, email, text message, and mobile app notification, however other communication channels may be faster to check.