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Student Advisory Board


Student Advisory Board Application

Application is open until January 28, 2022.

The mission of the SAB is to provide student voice and perspectives to the superintendent.

The SAB will explore a wide range of issues framed around Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity (Policy 0030), including welcoming school environments and equitable access for every student to a high quality curriculum and support.

Student Advisory Board members are

  • In 9th through 11th grades
  • Represent the diversity of Seattle Public Schools
  • Have experience with or interest in advocating for their community

2022 SAB Application

Thank you for your interest in the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board (SAB). We appreciate your time and consideration as we work to center student voice and perspective in our district. We understand each of our students in Seattle Public Schools brings a unique perspective and experience of school. The Student Advisory Board is focused on centering students who are furthest from educational equity. We are looking for students who are passionate about representing their experiences as well as the experiences of the students at their schools.

Learn more information on the SAB webpage. Or you can reach out to Jill Leahy at or Helen Bariamichael at  

In recognition of the ongoing pandemic and in anchoring on safety, we will determine prior to each SAB meeting whether we will be virtual or in-person. If virtual, we will utilize a variety of virtual engagement tools to ensure that these meetings feel impactful, collaborative, and build community. Our meetings will most likely take place on Saturdays and participation at most if not all of our meetings are mandatory. Attendance and participation at our meetings from all SAB members will ensure consistency and representation of feedback from each of our high schools.

Our first meeting will be in January 2022.  In order to have each school represented at the first meeting, please submit your application by Friday January 28, 2022. Please turn in your application on the online form found below by Friday, January 28, 6 p.m.

Prepare for the Application Short Answer Questions

The SAB application includes four short answer questions.We suggest answering these questions prior to opening the form and saving your answers in a word document.

The short answer questions found on the online form:

  1. If you could improve one (1) thing about your school or Seattle Public Schools, what would it be and why?
    (100 words)
  2. Briefly describe a time at your school when you wish students were consulted before a final decision was made by adults?  What would you have suggested?  How do you think student voice would have made the decision better?
    (300 words)
  3. Why do you want to be part of the SAB?  What skills, adversities or experiences have prepared you for this work?
    (300 words)
  4. What aspects of SAB are you most looking forward to participating in?