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    Note: The new “Continuum Approach” is just beginning implementation – the 2016/17 school year was the first of an intentional multi-year rollout. Some students will maintain their existing service designation until they have a natural change in school assignment. This is to minimize student disruption and allow IEP teams a full understanding of placement options.

    The concept of a continuum of alternative placements is universal for all school districts under the Washington State Administrative Code (WAC). The “Continuum Approach” is a service delivery structure specific to K-12 students attending Seattle Public Schools. It couples a flexible delivery approach with a rigorous delivery structure, allowing for predictability and quality simultaneously with individualized programming.

    Flexible delivery approach

    Our flexible approach derives its resilience from teamwork. By clustering intensive services in continuum schools they can share skills, resources and opportunities that only a team-based delivery provides. Rarely are a student’s needs a perfect fit in one instructional specialty, and student needs flex and change with time. Schools that provide intensive service delivery must be able to embrace flexibility as a constant. This team-based approach creates the diverse instruction and support ecosystem that can grow and change with the students they serve.

    Rigorous delivery structure

    Our rigorous structure derives its function from thoughtful specialization of case managers coupled with a geographically even, predictable distribution of each specialty across the District. The Continuum Approach provides five Primary Service types, a term specific to Seattle Public Schools. These defined specialties create predictable pathways/options for student school assignment and for teacher professional development.