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Eligibility and Enrollment Process


A student's IEP team has determined a need for continued support and transition services after at least three to four years of high school in order for the student to meet his or her post-secondary transition goals in education/training, employment, and (if needed) daily living.

Please note: Each BRIDGE has its own additional, prerequisite skill requirements.

At a minimum, eligible students will:

  • Eligible for special education services.
  • Ages 18 to 21 before start of the school year.
  • Demonstrates safe and appropriate behaviors in community & work settings.
  • Have not graduated with a diploma yet, but have completed as many graduation requirements as possible.

Each BRIDGES program has additional prerequisites.  Please follow the link for each BRIDGE on this website for more information.

Bridges Enrollment Process at a Glance

1. Not Later than Fall or Winter of Senior Year

  • IEP team conducts age-appropriate transition assessments.
  • IEP team reviews and updates measurable post-secondary goals for education, employment and, (if necessary) independent daily living

2. Not Later than Fall or Winter of Senior Year

  • IEP team learns about post-secondary options and determines that continued special education services beyond high school will be needed to meet adult student's post-secondary goals.

3. Fall or Winter of Senior Year

  • IEP team case manager completes the  B-PASS assessment and turns into BRIDGES Supervisor, Sherry Studley at srstudley@seattleschools.orgIEP team indicates which BRIDGES site(s) they prefer for the student (not choice).

4. No Later than Spring of Senior Year

  • Central office special education transition staff gathers data/information about student and determines most appropriate BRIDGES site assignment for the student.

5. Spring of Senior Year

  • Central office staff notifies IEP team of BRIDGES site assignment. IEP team amends IEP to reflect change in placement and service minutes for 18-21 adult transition program.

6. Before End of Senior Year

  • The BRIDGES teacher contacts student and family with information relevant to the program.



B-PASS FILLABLE Form-Updated-3-1-2021.pdf


BRIDGES Observation Form