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Publishing Services Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have instructions on how to use the Publishing Services Digital Store Front (DSF) online ordering tool?

See Training video titled “Online Ordering System (DSF) – Introduction” on the SPS staff portal (login is required).

How do I order stationary related products?

See Training video titled “ Ordering Stationary – Letterhead, Envelopes, and Business Cards” on the SPS staff portal (login is required).

What is the process for ordering books and booklets from Publishing Services?

See Training video titled “ Booklets and Advanced Features” on the SPS staff portal (login is required).

Is there a way to get a pricing quote for print work?

Yes. There are two ways to get a quote. You can log on to the Publishing Services online tool called Digital Store Front (DSF).Begin by selecting the type of item, the size, color or black/white, quantity, and other specifics. Your quote will appear based on your selected requirements. (DSF training video is recommended)

Or, you are welcome to contact the Publishing Services staff directly at 206-252-0080.

How do I set my computer default to print duplex (both sides) or simplex (one side)?

See training video on “Setting Your Printer Defaults” on the SPS staff portal (login is required). This is a short single subject video.

How do I use “Secure Print” and where do I get the secure passcode?

See training video titled “Secure Print – Tutorial Video” on the SPS staff portal (login is required). This is a short single subject video.

How do I scan to email?

See training video on “ Scanning to Email – Training Video” on the SPS staff portal (login is required).  This is a short single subject video.

Why can’t I find my name in the address book so that I can scan to e-mail?

Touch “Email” on the copier screen, and you will be prompted for your department or school access/print code.

Select “Network Address Book”, and then type in the following:

  • Last Name
  • Comma
  • Space
  • First Initial

Example:  JoAnn Hamilton would type in “Hamilton, J”. (She will see 3 names that meet the criteria). Users with more common last names, and first initials may want to continue with additional letters of their first name.  Users with less common last names may only need to enter their last names

I was told that parents, the PTSA and others can purchase print work and large posters directly from Publishing Services, is this correct?

Absolutely, we welcome the extra print work!   The additional work helps us provide job training skills and real life work experience to the Bridges and SPED programs, as they prepare to seek jobs.

It is important that we receive the requests in a timely fashion, as District print work is our first priority.

Payment can be made with cash or check.  For additional information please contact Publishing Services at 206-252-0080.

My department’s/school’s personal printer is not working.  How do I get this fixed, who pays for the repair, and what does it cost?

We have a vendor who will service the HP LaserJet repairs onsite (black/white & color).  The vendor does not repair the $100-$120 small multiple function printer/scanners, as they cost more to repair than to replace.

The repair costs are the responsibility of the department or school.  Your budget code will be required to initiate the repair.

The vendor charges a flat $95 plus tax for the travel and repair.  The parts are additional.  When you place a request, we need the following information:

  1. Name of school or department
  2. Physical location of the machine (address, floor #, and room #)
  3. Contact person and phone number
  4. Budget code
  5. Manufacturer and model number of machine
  6. What are the issues (be specific) – this information is critical, so the vendor can bring parts with him avoid a second trip).

When the vendor is called, we provide them your list of “issues”.  This often enables the vendor to diagnose the problem and provide the approximate parts costs.  We will provide you their estimate, so that you can determine if you want to go forward.

How do I get supplies and service work for our QBSI-Xerox copiers?

You will need the 5 digit ID # located on the label near the top of your machine.  This label also includes the service and supplies phone number (425-885-5858) for QBSI-Xerox.

Your toner should automatically arrive, as long as your machine is connected to the Seattle School District network.  Staples are not automatically deployed; the user must contact QBSI-Xerox for staples and for repairs.  If you have recurring issues, please contact the Publishing Services Print Manager (206-252-0416).