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    Purchasing Meals

    Nutrition Services strives to make wholesome, appealing meals available to all students. For families who do not qualify for subsidized meal benefits, we off a variety of convenient ways to pay for school meals. Checks and cash are always accepted by the lunchroom manager as either a pre-paid deposit to a student's account or for purchasing individual meals or milk. Please make checks payable to Nutrition Services. Meals can also be paid for with a credit card online using Paypams (

    Our student meals come complete with a choice of entrees, a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables and a choice of milks. In middle and high school, "a la carte" drink and snack options are also available for purchase.

    Students may also purchase a second meal by paying the adult price.
    Adults are welcome to purchase meals; they are priced higher because the district does not receive federal reimbursement or commodity support for them. Adults may not use student meal accounts to pay for their own meal or that of a non-enrolled sibling, those must be paid for at the time of service.

    Meal Charge Policy

    It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to prepay for school meals; send payment with their student; provide a breakfast or lunch from home, or complete an annual application establishing eligibility for free or reduced-price meals. Nutrition Services is unable to use state or federal funds to forgive student meal debts and has established guidelines to help families manage cafeteria accounts. We have updated the procedures to ensure that communication about negative balances is directed toward parents and not students, to avoid "lunch shaming." The following steps will be taken to communicate with families and students regarding their account:

    1. Cafeteria staff will begin verbal reminders to students that their meal account needs to be replenished when the account balance falls below $10.
    2. Students may be given a note to take home to inform parents that the meal account is low or negative, or notices may be mailed home from the district office.
    3. Families may receive a reminder phone call from Nutrition Services staff.
    4. Students will receive a complete meal regardless of their account balance. For a la carte or milk only purchases, students must have money in their account or payment at the time of service.
    5. School administration will contact families with unpaid meal balances of $20 or more.
    6. The district will pursue collection efforts for delinquent meal accounts.

    Families are encouraged to complete an application for Free or Reduced-priced meal benefits anytime during the school year if they find their personal income situation has changed.

    Families are additionally encouraged to enroll in the online prepayment service for convenient online payments and account tracking. Reminders can be set up through the PayPam system to alert families when balances are low. There is a $1.95 transaction fee for this service and it may take up to 24 hours to post to the student’s account.

    If you have questions regarding these procedures, please contact Nutrition Services at 206-252-0675.