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    Seattle Public Schools Native Education
    Title Vl, Parent Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes
    Thursday March 14, 2019
    Meany Middle School
    301 21st Ave E, Room 46 (Huchoosedah Office)
    Seattle, WA 98112

    Meeting Minutes
    Attendees: Emma Medicine White Crow, Shana Brown, Robyn Magnin, Gail Morris, Amy Markishtum, Chandra Hamson, Tonia Galindo, Jenn Eaglespeaker, Boo Balkan,


    • Welcome
    • Meeting norms – respectful dialogue, open meeting, PAC meeting is – develop our own norms,
    • Student roles defined by PAC (3 native American high school students, Jack Brown, Ingraham, another from Garfield? On Superintendent Student Advisory Committee

    PAC will discuss (ideas for culture night, helped at graduation celebration, students who need hours could volunteer at a pow wows. Edmonds Pow Wow could be approached about providing hours. Tom Murphy at Edmonds CC. Guest blog posts – advocating for your native student)

    • Chandra offered to facilitate students through the process (public testimony at board meeting, how to approach different SPS departments…)
    • Could we have students report about their school Native activities?
    • Advocacy training possibilities
    • Why does Seattle public school not honor work that native people have done on sovereign nations if it isn’t documented – we are losing good, experienced people because we don’t honor their work.
    • Questions for SPS Students: Have you done any work around STI at your school? Could students do a poll?
    • Letters to the board and school board staff, procedural needs to be adopted and heavy priority, - schools are using school board adopted curriculum, SPS is very excited about ethnic studies right now. Native studies are not the same thing. Contributes to the erosion of treaty rights and sovereignty. They have a state mandate with a senate bill to do this curriculum. Due process. Perhaps we could reach out to Senator McCoy who sponsored the bill. The hurt continues not just our non-native students but all students. Those students need to know the truth.
    • Adopting languages, five language Scott Pinkham and Gail – pushed forward with Michael Tolley Luchoostseed, Haida, Dine, Nimipoo, Lakota, (no classes, testing only to certify) board accepted languages after school programs and Chief Sealth and Nathan Hale šǝqačib classrooms

    Update from Gail Morris:

    • Good garden grant city
    • Gail shared some of the challenges of hiring people with great experience (20 + years) but they can’t meet a 4 year experience requirement.
    • Adoption for STI - Shana Brown will draft a letter.

    Meeting ended at 6:30
    Culture Night: March 26th 530 to 730 (beading, drumming) Potluck
    Next PAC meeting: April 4, 2019 (meeting first Thursday of April instead of second due to spring break)