Title VI Indian Parent Committee Minutes

IPAC Meeting Minutes – 2023/02/09

IPAC Meeting Minutes – 2023/02/09

Seattle Public Schools Native Education
Title Vl, Indian Parent Advisory Committee (IPAC)
Virtual Meeting
Thursday, February 9, 2022

In attendance: Lisa McCaul, Tonia Galindo, Gail Morris, Trina Nonis, Donna HW, Clysta Cole, Shana Brown, Balika Haakanson

  • Meeting started at 5:09pm
  • Motion to approve January 12, 2023 minutes: Clysta
  • Second: Donna
  • Motion: passed

Native Education Update

  • Culture Night has been successful with 50+ people attending each week. Drum protocol being taught. Next Culture Night will be on February 14, 2023 at Meany Middle School. Bring a potluck dish or item! On February 28, 2023 Culture Night – Lisa will teach how to make corn husk dolls. Trina will support with organizing.
  • Soft check in about End of year celebration and location: vendor, food and venue search (June 20-30)
  • Paddle necklace vendor update: Trina’s husband will provide them this year.
  • Drum update: making 10 drums with 10 students for gift giving lesson this year
  • Blankets will be given to hardest working students.
  • Potential date for End of Year Celebration: Wednesday, June 14
  • Lisa will reach out to Olivia Ford for catering.
  • Books will be designed in house for upcoming Native courses.
  • SAHMSA grant passed through health department and submitted for a 4 year social worker for district Native Ed.

Meeting ended at 6:04pm

Next Meeting will be March 9, 2023

We encourage all parents and guardians of Seattle Public Schools Native American and Alaskan Native Students to attend. The role of the Title Vl Native Education Parent Advisory Committee is to consult with and advise the Seattle School District on the development and operation of the Title Vl Program, assist in the development and approval of the Title Vl grant, and to help organize and conduct community cultural events, it’s important to know that the PAC helps to organize events and raise funds as well.  By serving on the PAC parents and guardians of Native American/Alaskan Native Students in Seattle Public Schools can help decide the program goals and activities.

For more information, please contact: Gail Morris gtmorris@seattleschools.org 206-252-0948