Title VI Indian Parent Committee Minutes

IPAC Meeting Minutes – 2023/01/12

Seattle Public Schools Native Education
Title Vl, Indian Parent Advisory Committee (IPAC)

Virtual Meeting
Thursday, January 12, 2022

In attendance: Lisa McCaul, Tonia Galindo, Gail Morris, Trina Nonis, Donna HW, Clysta Cole,
Nick McDowell

  • Meeting started at 4:11pm
  • Greeting and Prayer – Clysta
  • Motion to approve December 8, 2022 minutes: Clysta
  • Second: Donna
  • Motion: passed

Check in about culture night: next Tuesday, January 17 at Meany Middle School.
Focus: regalia/beading/shawls/ribbon shirts with assistance from Michela Brynn and
Victoria Hildebrand + big drum teaching by Michela’s son, bring potluck food

– Soft check in about End of year celebration and location: paddle necklace vendor and
venue search (June 20-30)
Community News

  • The Health Department and their family nights for parents of 4th and 5th grade students to talk about puberty: dinner and speakers

Native Education Update

  • Met with Marni Campbell, Director of Operations, to discuss and make changes to the enrollment identity flags and federally recognized tribal list. Proposed marker: American Indian/Alaska Native Students. New marker creates visibility and data organization opportunities for SPS Native students. Update will happen before the end of the school year.
  • Progress with point 4 Librarian assistant (2 days/wk) interviews
  • New SPS approved course: Natives in the Media (in person, 23/24 school year, potential Fine Arts/ELA cross credit) and Native American Literature (ELE, virtual for 11 th grade)
  • Classroom

Meeting ended at 6:09pm.

Next Meeting will be February 9, 2022

We encourage all parents and guardians of Seattle Public Schools Native American and Alaskan
Native Students to attend. The role of the Title Vl Native Education Parent Advisory Committee is to
consult with and advise the Seattle School District on the development and operation of the Title Vl Program, assist in the development and approval of the Title Vl grant, and to help organize and conduct community cultural events, it’s important to know that the PAC helps to organize events and raise funds as well.  By serving on the PAC parents and guardians of Native American/Alaskan Native Students