Title VI Education

IPAC Meeting Minutes 3/11/21

Seattle Public Schools Native Education
Title Vl, Parent Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
Thursday March 11, 2021

In attendance: Clysta Cole, Tonia Galindo, Emma Medicine White Crow, Amy Markishtum, Donna Hale Wolcott, Gail Morris, Boo Balkan Foster, Shana Brown, Phoenix Johnson, Pauline Amell Nash, Danika Jackson

  • Approve previous meeting minutes:
    motion to approve: Emma Medicine White Crow
    second: Clysta Cole
    motion passed
  • Native Ed update
    • Jenny Miller continues and supporting students and families in remote learning
    • Native Ed is looking for a full time librarian
    • Working on Professional Development, scope and sequence for Washington State history
    • UW has a Since Time Immemorial (STI) Certification program and want to partner with SPS STI
    • Looking for risers going into both ??qa?ib classrooms for next year
    • The count of Native students this year is down by around 30 students for a variety of reasons including homeschooling, moving out of the area or students experiencing homelessness
    • Gail won?t be at the May IPAC meeting and is taking the month of July off.
  • Student activism opportunities
    It was suggested that students could focus on renaming racist schools (Stevens, Whitman, etc.)
    Next steps:
    Director of School Operations, Sara Mirabueno is the person from SPS who would help with this process. The focus right now is on getting back to in person learning so not sure what the timeline would be.

Students can research the schools and catalog:

  • Name of the school
  • Who were they?
  • Why was the school named after them?
  • We should also align with progressive moves across the state (the removal of Whitman as a school name)
  • This following may help the students get started:
  • Phoenix offered to create an activism kit to help students get started and support the district process to change school names.

    There are requirements such as a community meeting, creating a Board Action Report (BAR) for the school board as an Intro item and Action Item for school board meetings.

    May attempt to connect with the Superintendent?s Student Advisory Board as they are said to be working on the same project.
    Motion: Shana
    Second: Donna
    Motion passed

    Logos and mascots could be another topic students could address.

  • End of year celebration – Native Ed will commit to mailing out paddle necklaces and certificates to students and will purchase drum kits for seniors.
    A subcommittee will work on ideas for this: Donna, Tonia and Phoenix.
  • 5:45 Guest Pauline Amell Nash, SPS web team

Communication/Web Design Team Feedback
The SPS Web Services Team is working on the district and school redesign that will launch an improved organization and new look for our websites this summer. We would like to share the priorities and opportunities for improvement heard in our December family interviews and invite you to participate in a usability study that will open next week on the first draft.

We encourage all parents and guardians of Seattle Public Schools Native American and Alaskan Native Students to attend. The role of the Title Vl Native Education Parent Advisory Committee is to consult with and advise the Seattle School District on the development and operation of the Title Vl Program, assist in the development and approval of the Title Vl grant, and to help organize and conduct community cultural events, it?s important to know that the IPAC helps to organize events and raise funds as well. By serving on the IPAC parents and guardians of Native American/Alaskan Native Students in Seattle Public Schools can help decide the program goals and activities.

For information contact
Gail Morris gtmorris@seattleschools.org 206 252 0948
Meeting adjourned at 6:15