Title VI Education

IPAC Meeting Minutes 11/12/20

Seattle Public Schools Native Education
Title Vl, Indian Parent Committee Meeting
Thursday November 12, 2020

  • Meeting started at 5:03 pm with a prayer, Emma Medicine White Crow
  • Approve October meeting minutes
    Motion: to Approve Emma
    Second: Donna Hale-Wolcott
    Motion carries
  • Making Amy Markishtum interim secretary until someone can take over.
    Motion: Emma
    Second: Donna
    Motion carries
  • We have a couple of people who have expressed interest in being part of the IPAC but they weren’t available for this meeting.
  • Gail updates:
    • The Native Ed family support worker is out of town supporting her mother through some health issues
  • Thanksgiving planning
    • Not sure about plans for the holiday due to COVID and the gathering restrictions. Normally twenty-five or so families are supported for Thanksgiving. Not sure what that will look like this year.
  • Christmas planning
    • Again, not sure what can be done this year. It may be just twenty-five students that can be given gifts this year.
    • Clysta has not yet heard back from Toys for Tots
    • Lauren will rent a van and pick up the toys if/when available
    • Where will toys be sorted by age group? Gender? Meany? Times are very limited at Meany.
    • Action: We need to have a letter from the IPAC to explain that there will be no dinner, no gift room, we will have to come up with a plan.
      oGail is requesting meetings with the school board directors regarding IPAC elections and the untrue accusations made during School Board public testimony.
    • Jenny Miller is working with students to ensure that they can get online.
    • Action: Tuesday, December 15th Second Special Ed meeting with Concie Pedroza – help to support? Who could be a part of it? Donna Hale Wolcott and Tonia Galindo.
    • Turkey subcommittee – Jenny Bill, Shana Brown, Emma Medicine White Crow, Clysta Cole, Tonia Galindo, Donna Hale Wolcott
  • Action: Letter of support for Superintendent Juneau by IPAC discussion
    • Superintendent Juneau’s contract is being negotiated in December
    • Shana offered to help write a letter of support
    • Motion: Emma a letter of support for Superintendent Juneau and a sub committee (Shana, Emma and Donna)
    • Second: Tonia
      Motion Passed
  • Student Representatives responsibilities discussion
    • Motion: Emma moved to next meeting
    • Second: Donna Hale Wolcott
    • Motion passed

  We encourage all parents and guardians of Seattle Public Schools Native American and Alaskan Native Students to attend. The role of the Title Vl Native Education Parent Advisory Committee is to consult with and advise the Seattle School District on the development and operation of the Title Vl Program, assist in the development and approval of the Title Vl grant, and to help organize and conduct community cultural events, it’s important to know that the IPAC helps to organize events and raise funds as well. By serving on the IPAC parents and guardians of Native American/Alaskan Native Students in Seattle Public Schools can help decide the program goals and activities.

For information contact
Gail Morris gtmorris@seattleschools.org 206 252 0948

Native Education website: www.seattleschools.org/NativeEd

American Indian Studies/STI website: www.seattleschools.org/AmericanIndianStudies

Native Education Library: www.seattleschools.org/NativeEdLibrary

Meeting ended at 6:03pm
Next meeting: December 10th at 5pm