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Getting Started with Library Link

Learn About Library Link

All SPS students already have Library Link accounts. View this short video to learn the basics of Library Link—good for getting started. Need help? Call SPL at 206-386-4636 for Contact Seattle Public Library via email/chat.

Use Your Library Link Account

Student Library Link ID is always 990000 (4 zeroes) followed by 7-digit student ID number. PIN is birth month and date (mmdd). For other frequently asked questions, please visit the Seattle Public Library website.

Explore a Few Services



BookFlix (internet browser only) pairs picture books with nonfiction. Access read-alouds, games, author information, and more.

How to log in to BookFlix:

  1. Go to the BookFlix login page
  2. Enter your Library Link card number OR your SPL card number and then click Log In
  3. Click Start or Skip the intro

How to explore BookFlix:

  1. Open BookFlix in internet browser.
  2. Log in with Library Link ID.
  3. Pick a category.
  4. Choose a pairing.
  5. Watch the Story.
  6. Read the Book.
  7. Try some Puzzlers.

Features and General Info:

Bookflix content and features include:

  • 140 picture book + nonfiction book pairs!
  • 38 book pairs offered in Spanish. On the Home screen, click the Español button in upper right
  • Once a book is selected, clicking the“Read the Book,” option allows users to slow audio reading rate, and/or zoom in on page
  • Puzzlers/games are available for all book pairings
  • “Explore the Web” is a collection of vetted resources for kids
  • “Meet the Creators” provides author information

To view all titles and reading levels: Click apple-on-book icon in upper right corner of the Home screen and then click Resources and Tools.

apple on book icon

Educators: For lesson plans, click apple-on-book icon in upper right corner of the Home screen, and then click Resources and Tools. Scroll within each book pair and then click Lesson Plan.

apple on book icon
apple on book icon
apple on book icon


Libby Video Tutorial

Libby (from OverDrive) is your gateway to reading eBooks and audiobooks through Seattle Public Library.

How to log in to Libby:

  1. Go to Libby 
  2. Click Yes
  3. Click I’ll Search for a Library
  4. In search text box, type Seattle and then press Enter on your keyboard
  5. Click Seattle Public Library
  6. Click Enter Library Account Details
  7. Enter your Library Link or regular Library card number and then click Next
  8. Enter your PIN and then click Sign In.
  9. Click Explore! and then click Guide: Kids 

Through June 30, 2020, Libby has some titles that are unlimited copies and always available:

  1. Go to Overdrive
  2. Check out a title
  3. Ask a friend(s) or family member to check out and read same title
  4. Discuss!

Features and General Info:

Libby content and features include:

  • Available as an app or through a browser
  • Instructions for using as an app on IOS, Android, or Microsoft devices
  • 20,000+ eBooks for kids
  • 4,500+ eAudiobooks for kids
  • 160+ picture books and readers with narration
  • Many “Always Available” titles
  • Preview/pre-listen to titles before checking out
  • Adjust reading settings on eBooks (not audio) for Text Scale, Lighting, Book Design—i.e. OpenDyslexic)


Hoopla Video Tutorial

Hoopla offers “always available” access to comics, music, movies, and TV shows, up to 15 streams per month per library account. Requires an email login.

  1. Log in to your Hoopla account.
  2. To right of search bar, click the settings icon.
  3. Turn on Kids Mode.
  4. Navigate to Comics.
  5. Find an old favorite.
  6. Recommend to a friend(s) or family member who’s also using Hoopla.
Access Video on demand logo

Access Video

Note: Users may get to Access Video a few different ways; this is one.

How to log in to Access Video:

  1. Go to the Seattle Public Library (SPL) Home page to get started.
  2. Under Common Tasks on right side of the page, click Get Movies and TV on your device.
    Get movies & TV on your device
  3. Scroll down and then click Access Video.
    click access video link
  4. Enter Library Account Details (your Library Link or regular Library card number) and your PIN, and then click Login.
  5. This brings you to Access Video home page. To see Just For Kids content, click the 3-bar menu to the left of ACCESS VIDEO, and then select Just For Kids. Note that Just for Kids is an entirely separate collection—you will not see these titles mixed in with the main home page and vice versa.

Access Video’s content and features include:

  • No software or app required
  • Unlimited viewing—no downloading
  • 40,000+ videos, movies, and TV programs
  • 8,000+ videos in Just For Kids
  • Browse by subject
  • Search topics, such as photosynthesis
  • Some videos feature Segments, so users can pinpoint content
  • Create your own segments
  • Videos include transcripts—read along AND download, if helpful
  • Closed-captioning in English
  • Additional Content: Audio and Interactives (current proxy issues—stay tuned)
  • State Academic Standards
  • Share link and embed content. Note: all viewers must login using SPL credentials
Biography in context

Biography in Context

Note: Users may get to Biography in Context a few different ways; this is one.

How to log in to Access Video:

  1. Go to the Seattle Public Library (SPL) Home page to get started.
  2. Click Online Resources > Student Research
    click online resources and then click student research
  3. Scroll down and then click Biography in Context.
  4. Enter Library Account Details (your Library Link or regular Library card number) and your PIN, and then click Login.
  5. This brings you to the home page, where you can Browse People or Person Search.
    click browse people or people search

Biography in Context content and features include:

  • Recommended for 4th grade and up
  • 5,000+ people, many with multiple biographical entries
  • New entries added frequently
  • Also links to newspaper, magazine articles, and other media, such as NPR interviews
  • Color-coded reading levels (lower reading levels not well represented)
  • Listen/read-aloud feature
  • Increase/decrease font size
  • Translation feature (uses an Artificial Intelligence translator—not perfect)
  • Powerful Advanced Search
  • May search by reading level. Note: Levels 1 & 2 likely to cover only birthday and place
  • In Advanced Search, Person Search enables specific searches, such as Native American
  • Handy for research on current people in media—for whom books are not yet written
  • Educator Resources include lesson plans, projects, scavenger hunts that students can use. To access these: