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    Parent Teacher Conferences
    Posted on 11/14/2017

    Parent Teacher Conferences are here. As a parent you always have the right to call a meeting with your child's teacher when you have concerns. Ask your child how school is and what barriers they are facing before you meet with their teacher! The teacher will show you test scores, reading scores, and examples of student work but the most important part of teacher conferences is the questions you ask and the plan you create with the teacher to make sure your child is progressing to grade level.


    Here are three essential questions to ask the teacher:


    1. What are the most important and abstract concepts (ideas) my child needs to understand by the end of the year?
    2. What can I do at home to support literacy reading work in class?
    3. How do you see the role of teacher in the learning process?
    4. What does my child's instructional day look like?


    If your child is struggling also ask these questions:


    1. What barriers do you see in the classroom that are hindering my child's progress?
    2. What school/district intervention resources do you provide at the school? Does my child qualify?
    3. Are there technology resources that we can use to support my child in self-directed learning?


    Remember that interventions are a good thing! Small group instruction, tutoring supports, and mentor-ship work very well for children. Catching students up in these settings leads to less frustration and behavior outburst because their academic needs are being met. They should never replace classroom instruction or be a long term solution.


    We are a referral service. If you or your child needs support or advocacy call us and our team will work together to attend important school meetings with you.