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K-5 Gender Books, Lessons, and Videos

This is a series of videos for Seattle Public Schools students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  The videos showcase books and lessons from SPS’s K-5 Gender Book Kit, which was developed in 2017.  These age-appropriate lessons align with the Washington State Health Education standards related to self-identity.  You can find more information about the K-5 Gender book kit here (link to come…).  Each video identifies the intended audience by grade level.  With parent/guardian guidance, students are welcome to view any of the lessons from the kit, otherwise students should only view videos for their grade level or below.  Please reach out to the district Health Education Specialist at with questions. 

Content Coming Soon!

  • Be Who You Are! – Jennifer Cart.
  • Phoenix Goes To School- Sharon Davey.
  • Free To Be! – Maya & Matthew.
  • Julian Is A Mermaid- Jessica Love.
  • Who Are You?- Naomi Bardoff.
  • Neither – Airlie Anderson.
  • All I Want To Be Is Me- Phyllis Rothblatt.
  • Jack (Not Jackie)- Erica Silverman.
  • Annie’s Plaid Shirt- Stacy B. Davids.
  • A Princess Of Great Daring!- Tobi Hill-Meyer.
  • From the stars in the sky to the fish in the sea- Kai Cheng Thom.
  • I’m Jay, Let’s Play- Beth Reichmuth.
  • Pink Is For Boys- Robb Pearlman.
  • My Awesome Sister- Lise Frances.
  • It’s Okay to Be Different- Todd Parr.