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Miscellaneous Consultants & Professional Services Roster

Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster

In order to be considered for the roster vendors must complete the following qualification requirements below:

Firms already pre-qualified for the roster do not need to re-submit qualifications unless their pre-qualified services have changed, or they are submitting new qualifications.

Businesses that have prequalified for the District’s Miscellaneous Consultants and Professional Services Roster are listed below:

This roster is updated as firms are added.

AcousticianDLR Group
AcousticianThe Greenbusch Group
ArboristAmerican Forest Management
ArboristOtak, Inc.
ArboristTree Solutions, Inc.
ArcheologistHistorical Research Associates, Inc.
ArcheologistStell Environmental
ArcheologistTerracon Consultants
ArcheologistWillamette Cultural Resources Assoc.
ArcheologistWood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
ArchitectAnjali Grant Design
ArchitectAto Apiafi Architects, PLLC
ArchitectBLRB Architects
ArchitectBPH Architects
ArchitectDLR Group
ArchitectEndelman & Associates PLLC
ArchitectHarthorne Hagen Architects
ArchitectHKP Architects
ArchitectIntegrus Architecture, P.S.
ArchitectMagellan Architects
ArchitectMcGranahan Architects
ArchitectMcLennan Design, LLC
ArchitectOtak, Inc.
ArchitectOsborn Architects, Inc., P.S.
ArchitectPeter Meijer Architect, PC
ArchitectRolluda Architects, Inc.
ArchitectSCR Architects, Inc.
ArchitectSHKS Architects P.S., Inc.
ArchitectStemper Architecture Collaborative
ArchitectStudio Meng Strazzara
ArchitectTCF Architecture, PLLC
Child Care ConsultantAnjali Grant Design
Child Care ConsultantJohnson+Southerland
Child Care ConsultantStudio Meng Strazzara
Civil EngineersAHBL, Inc.
Civil EngineersCG Engineering
Civil EngineersCoughlin Porter Lundeen
Civil EngineersDA Hogan & Associates, Inc.
Civil Engineers KPFF Consulting Engineers
Civil EngineersLPD Engineering, PLLC
Civil EngineersJacobson Consulting Engineers
Civil EngineersOtak, Inc.
Civil EngineersPacland
Civil EngineersReid Middleton, Inc.
Civil EngineersSitt & Hill
Civil EngineersToole Design
Commissioning ConsultantCBRE Heery, Inc.
Commissioning ConsultantsEcotope
Commissioning ConsultantsEngineering Economics, Inc.
Commissioning ConsultantsFSI Consulting Engineers
Commissioning ConsultantsGuidepost Solutions, LLC.
Commissioning ConsultantsGlumac
Commissioning ConsultantsHargis Engineers
Commissioning ConsultantsHeery International
Commissioning ConsultantsInterface Engineering
Commissioning ConsultantsKeithly Barber Associates
Commissioning ConsultantsMcKinstry Essention, LLC
Commissioning ConsultantsMeng Analysis
Commissioning ConsultantsNorthwest Engineering Services, Inc.
Commissioning ConsultantsSazan Environmental Services, LLC.
Commissioning ConsultantsThe Greenbusch Group
Commissioning ConsultantsWelsh Commissioning Group, Inc.
Commissioning ConsultantsWilson Jones Commissioning
Commissioning ConsultantsWood Harbinger
Constructability ReviewsBEE Consulting, LLC
Constructability ReviewsHainline
Constructability ReviewsHill International
Constructability ReviewsLRC Construction-Consulting, Inc.
Constructability ReviewsMeng Analysis
Constructability ReviewsOtak, Inc.
Constructability ReviewsPaul Lukes Building Envelope Consulting Services
Constructability ReviewsProject Delivery Analysts, LLC
Constructability ReviewsRoen & Associates
Constructability ReviewsSazan Environmental Services, LLC.
Constructability ReviewsVanir Construction Management, Inc.
Construction Cost ConsultantCumming
Construction Cost ConsultantHill International
Construction Cost ConsultantOCMI, Inc.
Construction Cost ConsultantProDims
Construction Cost ConsultantProject Delivery Analysts, LLC
Construction Cost ConsultantThe Robinson Company
Construction Inspection & TestingAAR Testing Laboratory, Inc.
Construction Inspection & TestingBEE Consulting, LLC
Construction Inspection & TestingGeoTest Services, Inc.
Construction Inspection & TestingKrazan & Associates
Construction Inspection & TestingMaterials Testing & Consulting, Inc.
Construction Inspection & TestingMayes Testing Engineers, Inc.
Construction Inspection & TestingOtto Rosenau & Associates, Inc.
Construction Inspection & TestingPSI
Construction Inspection & TestingQED Lab
Construction Inspection & TestingTerracon Consultants
Construction ManagementCBRE Heery, Inc.
Construction ManagementHainline
Construction ManagementHill International
Construction ManagementOAC Services, Inc.
Construction ManagementOCMI, Inc.
Construction ManagementOtak, Inc.
Construction Management Parametrix, Inc.
Construction ManagementShiels Obletz Johnsen
Construction ManagementVanir Construction Management, Inc.
Educational Planning ConsultantAnjali Grant Design
Educational Planning ConsultantBLRB Architects
Educational Planning ConsultantDLR Group
Educational Planning ConsultantIntegrus Architecture, P.S.
Educational Planning ConsultantMahlum
Educational Planning ConsultantMcGranahan Architects
Educational Planning ConsultantSCR Architects
Educational Planning ConsultantStudio Meng Strazzara
Electrical EngineersBCE Engineers, Inc.
Electrical EngineersCase Engineering, P.S.
Electrical EngineersCross Engineers, Inc.
Electrical EngineersDLR Group
Electrical EngineersGuidepost Solutions, LLC
Electrical EngineersHargis Engineers, Inc.
Electrical EngineersHatfield & Dawson Consulting Engineers, LLC
Electrical EngineersHultz BHU Engineers, Inc.
Electrical EngineersHunt Engineering Services, Inc.
Electrical EngineersIntegral Group
Electrical EngineersInterface Engineering
Electrical EngineersMcKinstry Essention, LLC
Electrical EngineersReyes Engineering, Inc.
Electrical EngineersSazan Group, Inc.
Electrical EngineersStantec
Electrical EngineersTres West Engineers
Electrical EngineersWood Harbinger
Environmental Land Use ConsultantsAHBL, Inc.
Environmental Land Use ConsultantsEA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC
Environmental Land Use ConsultantsESA
Environmental Land Use ConsultantsLandau Associates
Environmental Land Use ConsultantsOtak, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingAspect Consulting, LLC
Geotechnical ConsultingAssociated Earth Sciences Incorporated
Geotechnical ConsultingGeoEngineers, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingGeoDesign, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingGeoTest Services, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingHWA GeoSciences, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingKrazan & Associates
Geotechnical ConsultingLandau Associates
Geotechnical ConsultingMaterials Testing & Consulting, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingOtto Rosenau & Associates, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingPSI
Geotechnical ConsultingRobinson Noble
Geotechnical ConsultingShannon & Wilson, Inc.
Geotechnical ConsultingTerracon Consultants
Geotechnical ConsultingWood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingArgus Pacific, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingEHS International, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingGeoEngineers, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingGO Spectrum NW
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingKane Environmental, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingKrazan & Associates
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingLandau Associates
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingNOVO Laboratory
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingPBS Engineering & Environmental, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingPSI
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingShannon & Wilson, Inc.
Hazardous Materials Survey/TestingTerracon Consultants
Hazardous Materials/Survey/TestingWood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.
Historical Landmarks SpecialistBOLA Architecture + Planning
Historical Landmarks SpecialistsConfluence Environmental Company
Historical Landmarks SpecialistsDavid Peterson Historic Resource Consulting
Historical Landmarks SpecialistsHistorical Research Associates, Inc.
Historical Landmarks SpecialistsPeter Meijer Architect, PC
Historical Landmarks SpecialistsStudio TJP
Interior DesignAnjalie Grant Design
Interior DesignBLRB Architects
Interior DesignDLR Group
Interior DesignHOK
Interior DesignIntegrus
Interior DesignMahlum
Interior DesignMcGranahan Architects
Interior DesignRadixos, LLC
Interior DesignRolluda Architects, Inc.
Interior DesignSplice
Interior DesignStudio Meng Strazzara
Interior DesignWorkSpace Development
Land SurveyingAHBL, Inc.
Land SurveyingBush, Roed & Hitchings, Inc.
Land SurveyingDavid Evan and Associates, Inc.
Land Surveying KPFF Consulting Engineers
Land SurveyingOtak, Inc.
Land SurveyingPace Engineers, Inc.
Land SurveyingReid Middleton, Inc.
Land SurveyingSitt & Hill
Land SurveyingWHPacific, Inc.
Landscape ArchitectAHBL, Inc.
Landscape ArchitectBarker Landscape Architects, P.S.
Landscape ArchitectDA Hogan & Associates, Inc.
Landscape ArchitectJohnson+Southerland
Landscape ArchitectNakano Associates
Landscape ArchitectOtak, Inc.
Landscape ArchitectToole Design
Mechanical EngineersBCE Engineers, Inc.
Mechanical EngineersBogard Engineers, PS
Mechanical EngineersDLR Group
Mechanical EngineersFSi Consulting Engineers
Mechanical EngineersEcotope, Inc.
Mechanical EngineersHargis Engineers, Inc.
Mechanical EngineersHultz BHU Engineers, Inc.
Mechanical EngineersHunt Engineering
Mechanical EngineersIntegral Group
Mechanical EngineersInterface Engineering
Mechanical EngineersInterface Engineering
Mechanical EngineersMcKinstry Essention, LLC
Mechanical EngineersMetrix Engineers
Mechanical EngineersSazan Group, Inc.
Mechanical EngineersThe Greenbusch Group
Mechanical EngineersTres West Engineers
Mechanical EngineersWood Harbinger
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantAllana Buick & Bers
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantBEE Consulting, LLC
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantBuilding Envelope Technology & Research
Roofing and Building Envelope Consultant GeoTest Services, Inc.
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantMorrison Hershfield Corporation
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantOAC Services, Inc.
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantPaul Lukes Building Envelope Consulting Services
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantPeter Meijer Architect, PC
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantQED Lab
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantWalker Consultants
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantWetherholt and Associates, Inc.
Roofing and Building Envelope ConsultantWiss, Janey, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Space PlannerAnjali Grant Design
Space PlannerAto Apiafi Architects, PLLC
Space PlannerDLR Group
Space PlannerMahlum
Space PlannerMcGranahan Architects
Space PlannerMcLennan Design, LLC
Space PlannerRolluda Architects, Inc.
Space PlannerSH Architecture
Space PlannerStudio Meng Stazzarra
Structural EngineersAHBL, Inc.
Structural EngineersCG Engineering
Structural EngineersCoughlin Porter Lundeen
Structural EngineersDLR Group
Structural EngineersIntegrated Design Engineers, LLC
Structural EngineersIntegrus
Structural Engineers KPFF Consulting Engineers
Structural EngineersMLA Engineering
Structural EngineersOtak, Inc.
Structural EngineersPCS Structural Solutions
Structural EngineersPeterson Strehle Martinson
Structural EngineersReid Middleton, Inc.
Structural EngineersSitt & Hill
Structural EngineersSwenson Say Faget
Structural Engineerstk1sc
Structural EngineersWalker Consultants
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantAnjali Grant Design
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantBEE Consulting, LLC
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantDLR Group
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantEcotope, Inc.
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantFSi Consulting Engineers
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantGlumac
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantHargis Engineers, Inc.
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantHOK
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantIntegral Group
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantInterface Engineering
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantMcKinstry Essention, LLC
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantMcLennan Design, LLC
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantNorthwest Engineering Services, Inc.
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantReyes Engineering, Inc.
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantSazan Environmental Services, LLC
Sustainability & Energy ConsultantVanir Construction Management, Inc.
Traffic ConsultantHeffron Transportation
Traffic ConsultantReid Middleton, Inc.
Traffic ConsultantToole Design
Traffic ConsultantTranspo Group USA, Inc.
Traffic ConsultantTransportation Engineering Northwest
Value EngineeringHainline
Value EngineeringMeng Analysis
Value EngineeringOtak, Inc.
Value EngineeringRoen & Associates
Value EngineeringSazan Environmental Services, LLC.