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Educational Staff Associates

Agencies approved for the roster will not need to re-submit qualifications and will remain on the roster from year to year unless otherwise determined by the District. Please note that pre-qualified placement on the roster does not guarantee any specific amount of work, and in fact may not award any work at all.

The following firms have been pre-qualified to provide Educational Staff Associates services which are described as staff certified in the following designated categories/titles: 

Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
School Counselor
School Psychology
Social Worker
Speech Language Pathologist

Category Firm
Audiologist Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Audiologist Educational Bases Services
Audiologist Maxhealth
Audiologist Soliant
Audiologist Sunbelt Staffing
(DHH)HH Accountable Healthcare Staffing
(DHH)HH Career Links
(DHH)HH Cumberland
(DHH)HH Maxhealth
(DHH)HH  Presence Learning 
(DHH)HH  ProCare Therapy 
(DHH)HH Soliant
(DHH)HH Staff Rehab
(DHH)HH Sunbelt Staffing
(DHH)HH  Therapy Travelers
Nurse Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Nurse Ardor Health
Nurse Career Staff
Nurse Go With Advanced
Nurse Maxhealth
Nurse  ProCare Therapy 
Nurse Soliant
Nurse Staff Rehab
Nurse Sunbelt Staffing
Nurse Supplemental Health
Occupational Therapist Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Occupational Therapist Ampersand Therapy
Occupational Therapist Ardor Health
Occupational Therapist Career Links
Occupational Therapist Career Staff
Occupational Therapist Cumberland
Occupational Therapist Educational Bases Services
Occupational Therapist Go With Advanced
Occupational Therapist Maxhealth
Occupational Therapist Presence Learning
Occupational Therapist  ProCare Therapy
Occupational Therapist Professional Placement Resources
Occupational Therapist  Seattle Therapy Services
Occupational Therapist Soliant
Occupational Therapist Staff Rehab
Occupational Therapist Sunbelt Staffing
Occupational Therapist Supplemental Health
Occupational Therapist Therapy Travelers
Physical Therapist Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Physical Therapist Ampersand Therapy
Physical Therapist Ardor Health
Physical Therapist Career Links
Physical Therapist Career Staff
Physical Therapist Cumberland
Physical Therapist Educational Bases Services
Physical Therapist Go With Advanced
Physical Therapist Maxhealth
Physical Therapist  ProCare Therapy
Physical Therapist Professional Placement Resources
Physical Therapist Soliant
Physical Therapist Staff Rehab
Physical Therapist Sunbelt Staffing
Physical Therapist Supplemental Health
Physical Therapist Therapy Travelers
Psychologist  Ampersand Therapy 
Psychologist Career Links
Psychologist Career Staff
Psychologist Educational Bases Services
Psychologist Go With Advanced
Psychologist Maxhealth
Psychologist  ProCare Therapy
Psychologist Professional Placement Resources
Psychologist Ro Health
Psychologist Soliant
Psychologist Staff Rehab
Psychologist Sunbelt Staffing
Psychologist Supplemental Health
Psychologist Therapy Travelers
School Counselor Accountable Healthcare Staffing
School Counselor Career Links
School Counselor Go With Advanced
School Counselor Maxhealth
School Counselor Presence Learning
School Counselor  ProCare Therapy
School Counselor Ro Health
School Counselor Soliant
School Counselor Staff Rehab
School Counselor Sunbelt Staffing
School Psychology Accountable Healthcare Staffing
School Psychology  Ampersand Therapy
School Psychology Ardor Health
School Psychology Career Links
School Psychology  Career Staff 
School Psychology Cumberland
School Psychology Educational Bases Services
School Psychology Go With Advanced
School Psychology  Kallander Assessments
School Psychology Maxhealth
School Psychology Presence Learning
School Psychology  ProCare Therapy
School Psychology Professional Placement Resources
School Psychology Reading Research
School Psychology Ro Health
School Psychology Soliant
School Psychology Staff Rehab
School Psychology Sunbelt Staffing
School Psychology Supplemental Health
School Psychology Therapy Travelers
Social Worker Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Social Worker Ardor Health
Social Worker Career Links
Social Worker Educational Bases Services
Social Worker Go With Advanced
Social Worker Maxhealth
Social Worker Presence Learning
Social Worker  ProCare Therapy
Social Worker Ro Health
Social Worker Soliant
Social Worker Staff Rehab
Social Worker Sunbelt Staffing
Social Worker Supplemental Health
Speech Language Pathologist Accountable Healthcare Staffing
Speech Language Pathologist Ampersand Therapy
Speech Language Pathologist Ardor Health
Speech Language Pathologist Career Links
Speech Language Pathologist Career Staff
Speech Language Pathologist Cumberland
Speech Language Pathologist Educational Bases Services
Speech Language Pathologist Go With Advanced
Speech Language Pathologist Irene McKay
Speech Language Pathologist Maxhealth
Speech Language Pathologist Presence Learning
Speech Language Pathologist  ProCare Therapy
Speech Language Pathologist Professional Placement Resources
Speech Language Pathologist  Seattle Therapy Services
Speech Language Pathologist Soliant
Speech Language Pathologist Staff Rehab
Speech Language Pathologist Sunbelt Staffing
Speech Language Pathologist Supplemental Health
Speech Language Pathologist Terri Timberlake
Speech Language Pathologist Therapy Travelers