Family Partnerships

The Parent Advisory Committee

Image of multiple people seated at long tables in an auditorium. They are listening to one of the members speak. There is a screen at the far left side displaying the remote attendees.
PAC Meeting, January 19, 2023

Parent Advisory Committee Overview

The Seattle School Board and Superintendent place a top priority in creating and maintaining a district-wide climate that encourages parent and family engagement.

The goal is to develop and sustain partnerships that support student learning and positive child and youth development in all schools. Board Policy 4129 and Superintendent Procedure 4129SP incorporate a series of procedures that set out expectations for the way that schools and the School District will relate to parents and families.

Among other provisions, the policy establishes an on-going Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) to advise the Superintendent in the implementation of the School-Family Partnership Policy.

Committee Vision: SPS families working collaboratively as equal partners with schools to ensure high-quality education, academic success and socio-emotional development for each and every student.

Committee Mission: The mission for the PAC is to be well-informed advocates, encourage meaningful family engagement at every one of our schools that is linked to student learning, and partner with the District to support educational equity and excellence for each and every child.

The PAC meets at the John Stanford Center on the 3rd Thursday of the month throughout the school year.

The application and selection process for this year’s PAC was completed in the fall. Applications will reopen at the start of the next school year.

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) Meeting Materials