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Staff Getting Started on your Engagement

We recommend you gather a diverse team of folks to organize your engagement whenever possible. You will need a strong foundation before you begin. Below are a number of steps you can take to think intentionally about engagement, develop shared language and ideas for your project, and to maximize the long term learning and relationships for your team and the other community members you intend to engage. Check out these steps to get you started and reach out to our team for support from the start! We will consult, train, and guide you in developing an engagement style that honors our commitments to Seattle excellence and your vision for your team as leaders and stewards of community needs, voice, and knowledge.

Step 1 Reach Out and Build Your Foundation

Schedule a consultation with the Stakeholder Engagement Team via our Engagement Intake form

Fill out a Racial Equity Analysis Toolkit – Engagement is an Equity centered activity, use this to keep that centered in your planning ahead

Step 2. Organize your team & strategy

Assess who should help you organize the engagement, when possible build a small diverse team and meet consistently.

Fill out Community Engagement Toolkit – Determine what stakeholders and what level of engagement fits your goals & stakeholders needs

Reassess skills, stakeholder, resources and timeline once you have a team to ensure you are building a culturally responsible & effective plan. A bad engagement can do harm to our community and our collectives ability to serve and lead alongside a community.

Step 3. Plan for Outreach & Awareness

Contact Public Affairs for a consultation and guidance on your options

Reach out to partners with newsletters, contact school leaders and organizations that can reach your stakeholders

Send your engagement information to within a calendar invitation

Create a 3+ week outreach and awareness plan in plain as possible English before your engagement starts or expect low turn out

Translation Note: Give translators a week of head time before requesting written translations and more for in person.

Additional Resources