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Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement Principles

Healthy, educated, and joyful future generations is a shared responsibility. When families, communities and schools work together, all of us are more successful and the entire community benefits. Schools are a hub of the community connecting to all aspects of our life and city. We need the brilliance of diverse voices and perspectives helping shape our curriculums, policies, practices, and ways of engaging with our students. With community we can work to build a continuum of cradle-to-career opportunities through power sharing and meaningful authentic relationships. Our work is guided by a collection of ideals, policies, and practices. These are always evolving and growing in our work but this space is to give you some shared perspective and language with us.

Radical Inclusion

The process of Radical Inclusion requires the District to increase interconnectedness with all internal and external stakeholders to support the success of the Seattle Excellence Plan.  

The District must prioritize genuine connection, mutuality, and support as institutional norms in service to the broader community-building work demanded of our strategic planning. Thus, embracing new engagement standards and developing support structures enhance our ability to connect meaningfully with all stakeholders.  

Broad organizational shifts include: 

  • Moving marginalized perspectives, priorities into mainstream institutional view by explicitly naming areas of inclusion work, e.g., gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity 
  • Articulating a standard set of practices, accommodations for ensuring comprehensive access related to language and disability 
  • Translating the abstract notions of inclusive and authentic into the specific technical requirements of each of the institution’s divisional operations 
  • Moving toward processes that serve people rather than people that service processes  

The public perception is of an institution situated outside of the communities it serves, apart from those most impacted by its decision-making. Therefore, the community stakeholder-partner funnel must continue broadening to meet the current and emerging strategic commitments of inclusion.  

We have an opportunity to reinvigorate our relationship with students, families, communities, and staff. To revitalize and reimagine a path to more inclusive and authentic engagement that fosters sincere, connected relations and beloved community.  

As we develop a practice around radical inclusion our frameworks are grounded even deeper on a foundation of existing policies and practices that are centered in our Strategic Plan for Seattle Excellence. The District policies that we lead with in our work is not limited to but includes Policy No. 4129 Family Engagement and 0030 Ensuring Educational and Racial Equity.