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Stakeholder Engagement

Community Organizations & Businesses

Learning never stops and so much of the learning, joy, and support our families and students experience are lead by our community’s amazing organizations and businesses like higher education partners, religious groups, non-profits, housing organizations, sports, governments and corporations. Our district loves working with our community partners and often are seeking more opportunities to tie together our efforts to improve the lives and resources available to our students. If you would like to share some of the work your organization is doing that you believe can be a great collaboration with our schools or school leaders and staff if you are looking for partners to help bring expertise and resources please reach out. Stakeholder engagement works with various departments in the district to help bridge and build relationships where there is need and opportunity.

Community Based Organization Advisory

The CBO Advisory is being organized in alignment with Stakeholder engagement’s core mission to create and maintain inclusive pathways for communities and stakeholders to influence policies and practices. One powerful method of building and maintain those pathways for authentic and inclusive engagement is to compensate our community consultants for the intellectual, social, cultural, and emotional wealth that they are sharing with the district. The CBO Advisory in the planning & feedback phases during Winter 22 opening pending funding. Interested organizations can reach out to learn more to Karama Blackhorn, Community Engagement Manager at

Back to School Summer Initiative

Returning to School in a pandemic is rough for all of us. Thats why during the summer we run a robust initiative to get our in the community directly with you. To meet families, students, and organizers throughout the city and make sure you have someone to talk to, ask questions, and get a stronger sense of certainty about the new year.

We partner directly with organizations who focus on communities furthest from educational justice in a culturally relevant way. We work with these organizations across the city focused on multilingual communities , communities of color, and underserved intersectional groups. This work aims to make sure every family gets more ways to connect and that we are constantly growing communication pathways directly to make sure during hte summers you get information about returning to school, enrollment, and other emergent communications at Seattle Public Schools.  These spaces created aim to at reach diverse youth and families in Seattle with accurate and up to date information, to get direct opportunities to ask questions, share concerns, and name needs we might otherwise not hear through conventional communications.

Summer of 2021 we launched the first summer partnership program for back to school communications. We are seeking funding for a second year of partnership events.

Sponsorship of Backpacks, School Supplies, and other Student and Family Goods are welcomed!

Contact the Community Engagement Manager if you are interested in learning more, sponsoring, or otherwise getting invovled.

Also you can check out the 2021 Proposal for more details about the applicaiotn process.!AgG0EECOeCA2yX2zIQf0QR6Ml572?e=TxXgnm