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Equity, Partnerships and Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement Team 2021
Stakeholder Engagement Team Left to Right, Sitting Kirk, Mohamed, Karama, Asosa; Standing Charlena, Sydney

Department of Stakeholder Engagement 

Stakeholder Engagement works to create inclusive pathways for a wide variety of community experiences, interests, concerns, particularly those furthest from educational justice, to inform more equitable District decision-making practices and outcomes. We are committed to engagements that go somewhere by upholding strong standards of:  

  • Preparations Knowing what the stakeholders want and understanding what we need to learn?
  • Accessibility Connecting with stakeholders in a way that centers their comfort and cultural contexts
  • Responsibility Assigning ownership and individuals to our community’s areas of concern.
  • Accountability Closing the loop by communicating how and when community questions will or did get answered.

Family Partnerships & Support 

Through our Family Partnerships team we focus on collaborating between educators and families in activities that promote student learning, positive child and youth development at home, school, and the community. 

Family Partnerships maintains a portfolio of consultative, coaching, and capacity-building initiatives focused on school and Central Office sites build and transform core:  

  • Capabilities | skills, knowledge, tools, and resources  
  • Confidence | self-efficacy  
  • Connections | building, broadening, and strengthening community-family networks
  • Cognition | fostering student-family centered mindset, beliefs & values changes 

Stakeholder Engagement’s primary objectives are accomplished through a diverse portfolio of initiatives that include Academic Parent Teacher Teams; Early Literacy Engagement; Professional Learning Partnerships; Family Connectors University; Immigrant and Refugee Supports; and High School Transition Success Tracking. 

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