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School Boundary Changes

Southeast Elementary Schools

Boundary Changes Approved

Updated Nov. 24, 2019

On Wednesday, Nov. 20, the School Board approved changes to the attendance area boundaries for Dearborn Park International Elementary, Maple Elementary, Rising Star Elementary, and Wing Luke Elementary. The changes approved were in scenario G and were recommended by district staff after nearly two years of community engagement.

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There will be changes to the boundaries of Maple Elementary, Dearborn Park International Elementary, and Rising Star Elementary for the 2020-21 school year. This change moves portions of the Maple Elementary attendance area into the Dearborn Park International Elementary attendance area and into the Rising Star Elementary attendance area.

There will also be changes to the Rising Star Elementary and Wing Luke Elementary boundaries in 2021-22. This change moves a portion of the Rising Star Elementary attendance area to Wing Luke Elementary.

Grandfathering and Transportation

Grandfathering was approved. This means:

  • Students currently enrolled at Maple Elementary who live in the change areas will automatically remain at Maple through 5th grade.
  • Students who are enrolled at Rising Star Elementary for the 2020-21 school year and live in the change area will automatically remain at Rising Star through 5th grade.
  • New students will be assigned to the new attendance area school for their home address. This includes siblings entering kindergarten.

Transportation will also be provided for eligible grandfathered students, per the Transportation Service Standards document. In general, if your student currently is eligible for transportation, they will continue to be eligible for transportation to their grandfathered school.

Looking Ahead

Approval of this scenario does not rule out future boundary changes in the southeast region. The replacement of the Kimball Elementary building and replacement of Mercer International Middle School may result in additional changes. Additional engagement would take place if Seattle Public Schools considers future boundary changes.


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