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    Enrollment is open year-round. Enroll your child at any time to get on the waiting list for the next opening in a Head Start classroom.


    The Seattle Public Schools Head Start program serves three year and four year old children. Your child must reach the age of three or four by August 31 in order to enroll.

    Head Start programs are for low-income families. You will be asked to provide proof of your income for the preceding calendar year. Seattle Public Schools Head Start programs are for families residing in the City of Seattle. Your child must live within the Seattle city limits.

    To enroll your student

    Head Start will process your application and contact you regarding your eligibility for the program.

    Available classroom slots fill quickly, so submit your application with all required information as soon as possible. Applications sent without the necessary documentation delays the processing procedures.

    1. Complete an application

    2. Attach the following documents to submit with your application:

    • Proof of your Child's Birth Date (a copy of one of the following): Birth Certificate, Passport, or Permanent Resident Card
    • Proof of your family income for the last calendar year or the most recent 12 months

    You can use the following for your income verification:

    • Income tax form for the past year
    • W-2 form for the past year
    • Employer letter stating total gross earnings
    • TANF/Working Connections Award/Change Letter
    • Self declaration statements acceptable under certain conditions

    3. Submit your application and other documents to the main office of SPS Head Start at the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence located at: 2445 3rd Ave S (Mailing address: Mail Stop 31-555, PO Box 34165, Seattle, WA 98124)

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