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    Website Editing Training Resources

    Welcome to our SchoolMessenger Presence website training resource page. This will be your resource for information about editing our websites.

    Getting Started Schools

    1. Website Admin Form

    Are you a new school website administrator? We need the website admin form signed by both you and your school principal in order to give you access. If you have already been a website administrator, we should already have one on file for you. This is for schools only. Department page admins should have their manager send an email requesting access for their team.

    Please review:

    1. Website User Experience Guidelines
    2. School Sites - Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Web Content Standards & Guidelines

    2. Training

    The training required to be a web editor is a series of videos that you can watch online. Click one of the links below to go to the appropriate training page.

    Department (central office and school page editors) website editors:

    School website editors:

    3. Email Webmaster

    Once you have watched all the training videos, please send the completed website admin form to


    Getting Started Central Office Department Page Editors

    1. Authorization is needed. This can be by email from department manager requesting access.

    2. Training: Please review the videos on the following page:

    Email to let us know you have completed the videos so we can provide you with the proper access. Please include:

    1. Full name
    2. email address
    3. Page(s)  you will be editing. We need to know you will be requiring access to the public and/or mysps sites.

    We will give you access as soon as possible. Thanks for all you do!


    Questions? Please contact We are happy to help!





    Senior Webmaster
    Amy Markishtum

    Danika Jackson

    Senior Webmaster
    Pauline Amell Nash

    Web Publishing Support