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Please review the following to see if these tips help resolve your issue:

Unable to log in

  • Clear the cache on your browser, close, reopen TWICE and try again.  Or try a different browser. Make sure you have the most recent version of the browser installed.
  • Confirm you are entering the correct username, no spaces before or after. Your parent/guardian username is the email address on the school record in all lower case letters. Contact the school to confirm your email address.  
  • Students only enter the beginning of their username to log onto the Source.
  • Parents, try  resetting your password
  • Students, ask a teacher or librarian to reset your password.
  • Email

I sent a request for a password or username reminder, but did not get a response

If you do not receive an email from Source Support:

  • Check your Spam and Trash folders.
  • Make sure your account is not locked from too many unsuccessful log in attempts.
    If it is, email: to unlocked your account and provide password assistance.
  • Contact the school to confirm the email address on record, it is your Source username.  There may be a typo.
  • If you still cannot reset your password, email: with the following:
    • Brief description of the problem
    • Your full name and email address on the school record
    • Each student’s full name
    • Each student’s 7 digit SPS student ID#

Do you get an error when trying to reach some features?

If you can log in, but get an error message after selecting a menu item, in most cases, clearing the cache on your browser, closing and reopening TWICE will resolve the problem. You can also try using a different browser.

Are you using the APP, and can’t find some features?

The PowerSchool APP does not include SPS customization and resources.  To see all features, please use the Source

Managing Source Passwords Using Keychain Technology

If you choose to use a Keychain to manage your Source password, at each log in, you may be asked if you would like to update the password.  In order to use the stored password, you must select not now.  SPS is unable to address problems parents and guardians may have with password storage software. 

Assignment details out of order?

When using an iPhone to view Source Grade Details, some users may notice their assignments are out of order.  To resolve this, refresh the screen by clicking the curved arrow symbol at the top of the screen.

Still Having Problems?