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    Certificated Staff Laptop Deployment
    Posted on 02/06/2018

    The first shipment of roughly 20% of the teacher laptops have been received. An initial set of 25 laptops has been distributed to the Instructional Technology group and a small group of pilot teachers. We completed delivery to the first three schools, Rainier Beach, Denny and Martin Luther King Jr., on January 30th and are evaluating the feedback. Delivery, direct to the staff, includes a technical and instructional briefing.  If the feedback continues to be positive, we will proceed to begin full deployment to all SEA represented non-supervisory certificated staff on February 28th. We anticipate directly distributing to approximately 10 schools a week, finishing by mid-May. Approximately 450 central office represented certificated staff will also get laptops

    during this time.


    Deployment at each school is structured to support two main goals:

    Goal 1: Staff know how to use the new laptop to continue to do the work that they currently do.
    Goal 2: Staff are aware of how to use the laptop in new ways not possible before to impact student learning, enhance instruction, and increase collaboration.  


    This will be achieved through a short initial engagement (30 minutes) when the laptops are deployed to a school or department. Schools are assigned either a Tuesday or Thursday when the Technology Support Specialists (TSS) and Instructional Technology Support Teachers (ITs) work with teachers either after school or during their planning periods. 


    The IT group has also developed an initial online module that teachers can take as part of the eight hours of paid tech time for this year. The group is developing additional modules to support deeper instructional use that can also be used by teachers as part of their eight hours of tech time. 


    The rollout schedule has been developed with our vendors, the district warehouse, DoTS, and Instructional Technology. Schedule Highlights: 


    • January 30th – laptops will be deployed to Rainier Beach, Martin Luther King Jr. and Denny as a pilot to test the process from vendor through deployment and replacement of teacher's desktop. 

    • February 2nd – finish evaluation of pilot process and provide feedback and final go to Thornburg. 

    • February 27th – begin official rollout at school sites and district departments.

    • May 10th – last regular school deployment.