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Data Reporting

Data Profile: District Summary

Background: Seattle Public Schools’ District Data Profile is an annual publication of summarized student trends, presented in Tableau to provide worldwide access and an interactive user experience. The purpose of the District Data Profile is to provide:

  • General district information for public transparency;
  • Information pertaining to disproportionality and other issues facing SPS;
  • Baseline data for school-based planning and program monitoring; and
  • Information for researchers and grant proposal writers.

The District Data Profile offers only aggregated data. No student-level data will be made available.

The District Data Profile’s Demographics dashboard shows data collected and reported by SPS related to student race and ethnicity categories as mandated by the Federal government and the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI). All students with valid data are included in this report. This report is descriptive in nature and does not include extensive analyses required for statistically supported conclusions about program effects, subgroup differences, or yearly changes. Demographics are broken down into the following categories: Enrollment, Free/Reduced Lunch, Bilingual Students, Special Education and Advanced Learning.Click here for the  ADA Accessible Demographics Tables.

The District Data Profile’s  Outcomes dashboard details student outcomes of our continued commitment to Eliminating the Opportunity Gap and ensuring every child has equal access to a quality education. Outcomes are broken down into the following categories: Attendance, Chronic Absence, Suspensions, Graduation, Dropout, and Assessment.Click here for the  ADA Accessible Outcomes Tables.

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For the past decade, Seattle Public Schools has academically outperformed the state of Washington and similar districts across the nation. But despite making promising progress, our district continues to have unacceptable opportunity gaps for our students of color.

The district’s Eliminating Opportunity Gaps initiative aligns and connects work focused on high quality student academic outcomes for every student, in every classroom. Across schools and central departments we are examining the root cause of outcome disparities and working together to address inequity. Visit our Eliminating Opportunity Gaps webpage to learn more.

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