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    Discipline and Behavior

    Positive Beliefs,
    Positive Relationships,
    Positive Learning, and
    Positive Partnerships in Seattle Public Schools

    Draft Student Rights and Responsibilities Remote Learning Companion 2020-2021

    Mental Health and Substance Use Support During COVID-19 School Closure

    Meaningful learning occurs in environments that are safe, positive, consistent, and predictable. When the principles of cultural intelligence, safety, respect, honesty, accountability, and equity are exhibited throughout a system, trusting relationships result and excellence for each and every student can be achieved.

    Seattle Public Schools is committed to furthering cultural intelligence that respects and values the diversity in schools and in classrooms across the district. This commitment serves to guide decisions in promoting fair and equitable treatment for all.

    A safe and welcoming environment is important in promoting a sense of belonging and supporting excellence for each and every student. Positive school climates include:

    • A vision based on shared beliefs, values, rituals, and stories that grow as part of the culture.
    • Collaborative relationships and respectful interactions between students, families, and staff.
    • Fair and equitable treatment that respects and values all cultures.
    • A physical environment that is welcoming, safe, and accessible to all.
    • Regular assessment and review of school climate survey by students, families, staff, and stakeholders.

    In addition to a positive school climate, we understand that students at times may experience emotional and/or physical stressors. During these times, students are encouraged to share with a trusted adult at school, and staff are committed to supporting each student so that they are fully able to participate in the school day.

    Sometimes additional counseling, support, and resources may be helpful.  A number of community agencies offer assistance and information on health and human services available to King County residents.  You can call 800-621-4636 or 211 for additional information.

    Our Student Rights and Responsibilities sets forth the rules and regulations of Seattle Public Schools regarding student conduct. It is created in compliance with the requirements of state law and aligned with the Seattle Public Schools Strategic Plan. It references sections of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) that govern use of corrective responses (i.e., discipline, suspension, and expulsion) for any student by a school district.

    The foundation of Seattle Public Schools’ discipline policy is one of prevention, by establishing a safe and welcoming environment that includes shared behavioral expectations and a common language for talking about expected behavior that is inclusive of students, families, teachers, administrators, volunteers, and other staff (within a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework).  Discipline procedures and strategies aim to maximize instructional time and reduce out of school consequences for behavior. This document applies to all students and is designed to applies to all students and is designed to educate all members of the educational community as to the rules, regulations, and due process procedures.  We encourage families to review the Student Rights & Responsibilities with their student. It describes our expectations at school as well as what students can expect from adults at school.

    Discipline Appeal Processes for the 2020 - 2021 School Year

     Classroom exclusion and other forms of discipline, including exclusion from transportation or extra-curricular activity:

    • Conference with the School Leader

    Short-term suspension or In school suspension:

    • Conference with the School Leader (optional)
    • On the record review (by Hearing Officer)
    • Discipline Appeal Council (DAC)

    Long-term Suspension, Expulsion, or Emergency Expulsion:

    • Conference with the School Leader (optional)
    • Appeal Hearing (with Hearing Officer)
    • Discipline Appeal Council (DAC)

    The Seattle Public Schools also publishes “The Basic Rules of Seattle Public Schools” in flyer format and distributes it to all students at the beginning of each school year.  All discipline documents may be found on the Seattle Public Schools website. 

    Questions about the Student Rights and Responsibilities or the Discipline Appeal Process may be directed to the Discipline Office at:; 206-252-0820; or Seattle Public Schools MS 31-177 P.O. Box 34165 Seattle, WA 98124-1165


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