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Harvest of the Month


The Seattle Public Schools Nutrition Services & Health Education departments collaborated on the development of materials for Washington Grown, a Harvest of the Month program. Washington Grown highlights local produce, whole grains and dairy on a monthly basis in 35 schools in the district. The materials created are transferable to districts throughout Washington since the program highlights foods grown in the state.

For Families

Support our local farmers by buying lunch on the Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month menu days. We regularly serve foods grown within Washington State on our menu. Harvest of the Month is just another way we are promoting the farmers in the state. Take a look at the current lunchroom menu to see the number of local foods served. The key on the menu highlights the foods sourced locally.

Here are some ways that you can share the Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month experience:

  • Talk about upcoming Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month foods at home  – look up fun facts about each featured food on
  • Serve Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month items at home – watch for special promotions of these seasonal foods in local stores and get your children involved in shopping, selecting a recipe and preparing the foods at home. Kid-tested recipes are available at or
  • Buy lunch on Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month days . If your children are not regular lunch participants, buying lunch on the Washington Grown, Harvest of the Month day sends a message that you support our efforts to offer foods grown in Washington State to our student population.

Importance of Washington Grown – Harvest of the Month

Seattle Schools is committed to promote life-long health habits around eating by offering a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products daily. Washington Grown supports local agriculture, seasonal eating and education about how foods are grown and produced.

Monthly Materials

One of the priorities of Washington Grown, our local harvest of the month program, is to link the cafeteria with the classroom. Learning about foods will stimulate an expanded palate for our children and change the way they think about food and how it grows.

Each month cafeterias are provided with materials focusing on the featured local food item. Materials are then displayed on their Harvest of the Month bulletin board located in the cafeteria. The nutrition educator packet provides key information about the featured item as well as resources to further explore each fruit, vegetable, grain or dairy item, it incorporates hands-on activities, tools and ideas for open-ended exploration by students. The packet promotes mathematics, science, health, reading and gardening, all centered around the highlighted food. It is meant for teachers, but is appropriate for anyone teaching nutrition education to our students.

  • September  (stone fruits)
  • October  (carrots)
  • November  (squash)
  • December  (beans & lentils)
  • January  (apples)
  • February  (dairy)
  • March  (grains)
  • April  (radishes)
  • May  (asparagus)
  • June  (fresh berries)