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    Other Construction Projects

    School construction projects are funded by voter-approved capital levies.

    While major school construction projects — school replacement, modernization, and additions — take multiple years, smaller projects are scheduled during the summer break to avoid disruption to teaching and learning. Typically, the start date for these projects is after the end of the school year. Some projects may extend past summer, and some projects are done over two summers.

    Often termed summer projects because of the timing, most of these projects are also referred to as systems projects because they involve part of the school building's systems: heating and ventilation, safety, security, windows and doors, roofing, electrical or plumbing, playgrounds and other site improvements, exterior cladding (siding, painting, repairs), and seismic improvements for earthquake safety. 

    Projects starting in summer 2021 or that are underway are funded by the 2009 Buildings, Technology, and Academics III Capital Levy(BTA III), the 2013 Building Excellence IV Capital Levy (BEX IV), the 2016 Buildings, Technology, and Academics IV Capital Levy (BTA IV), and the 2019 Building Excellence V Capital Levy (BEX V).

    Franklin High School

    Two-year window and door replacement project with transom window restoration completed Spring 2021. (BTA IV)

    • Project design: Bassetti Architects
    • Construction: Sheldrup Building Services
    • Project manager: Mark Emelko


    Garfield High School

    Restoration of historic doors and courtyard waterproofing.


    West Seattle High School

    Roof replacement project including work at historic steep-slope tile roofs, steep-slope standing seam roofs, and low-slope roofs. Also included manufacture of replacement for historic spire, which had been missing since an earlier roofing project. 

    Expected completion: June 2021

    • Project design: Stemper Architecture Collaborative
    • Construction: Wayne's Roofing
    • Project manager: Mark Emelko
    photo of a man attaching metal framing to a brick wall

    Construction and COVID-19

    District consultants — including the land surveyor, arborist, geotechnical consultant, and environmental consultant — are conducting pre-construction site investigations to assist with design and permitting activities. They are required to comply with the Governor’s COVID-19 Job Site Safety Requirements, as applicable to their work.