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    • Pre-design phase complete
    • Schematic design phase complete
    • Design development phase in progress
    • Construction documents phase begins Winter 2021
    • Bid and award phase begins Fall 2021
    • Construction begins Spring 2022
    • Addition opens Fall 2023

    Current Phase: Design Development

    This phase includes:

    Further development of school’s program elements such as classrooms, offices, commons spaces, etc., guided by district educational specifications, technical standards, and input from building principal, teachers, and facilities staff members.

    Selection of building materials and finishes palette — masonry, exterior metal siding, paint and other wall finishes, flooring, and cabinetry — begins.

    Structural design; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ductwork and piping; and electrical conduit designs are developed.

    Design continues to evolve so that educational spaces, support spaces, and public spaces meet the program and technical requirements set by the district and so that the building support systems function well within the building spaces supported.

    The architect prepares more detailed drawings and other documents to describe the size and character of the entire project.

    About the Project

    There are two buildings on the Van Asselt School site. A landmarked historic schoolhouse and a school constructed in 1950 that is currently used as an interim site for elementary schools.

    The district will construct a new 30-classroom and gymnasium addition and modernize the historic landmark schoolhouse on the Van Asselt site. This addition, combined with the existing school building will increase the capacity to create a flexible interim site large enough to temporarily house a middle school or two elementary schools.

    Project Management Firm: Shiels Obletz Johnsen, Inc. (SOJ)

    SOJ Construction Manager: Ethan Bernau

    Design Firm: Bassetti Architects

    Contractor: Cornerstone Construction

    Budget: $44.2M

    Funding Source: Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy project, approved by Seattle voters in 2019.

    Proposed Design

    You can watch a virtual tour of the proposed building exterior. The video has no sound. If you have questions or comments, please use the Contact Us form.

    Project Updates

    Updates are posted for the previous month the week after the monthly BEX and BTA Capital Levies Oversight Committee meetings. These meetings typically take place on the first Friday of each month.

    December 2020 

    • Continued Design Development user group reviews
    • Prepared Design Development cost estimate
    • Completed Value Engineering workshop
    • Submitted 60% Street Improvement Plans to Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) 
    • Started development of Building Permit plans
    • Continued development of draft SEPA checklist including traffic study and SDOT coordination
    • Reviewed consultant proposals from commissioning firms
    • Finalized project update mailer to be sent to neighbors/community in early January

    Contact Us

    Please send us your questions or comments with the form below.

    Original Van Asselt Interim Site

    Seattle, WA98108

    Construction Planning and COVID-19

    District consultants — including the land surveyor, arborist, geotechnical consultant, and environmental consultant — are conducting pre-construction site investigations to assist with design and permitting activities. They are required to comply with the Governor’s COVID-19 Job Site Safety Requirements, as applicable to their work.

    More about school construction projects and COVID-19


    Construction Project and Capital Levy News