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    Seismic Report

    The safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Earthquake Safety/Seismic improvements projects have been completed at Seattle Public Schools’ buildings to meet applicable city codes at the time of construction.

    Seattle Public Schools will continue to implement earthquake safety improvements/seismic retrofits to all of our school buildings on a predictable schedule that prioritizes the need for seismic improvements based on the most recent engineering studies. Our mission is to ensure a safe teaching and learning environment for students and staff. Seattle Public Schools Building Excellence (BEX) and Buildings, Technology and Academics (BTA) capital levies, approved by Seattle voters, provide funding for earthquake safety improvement/seismic retrofits for our school buildings.

    The City of Seattle has produced a list of Unreinforced Concrete Masonry (URM) buildings. This PDF adobe PDF icon lists those buildings owned by Seattle Public Schools and their seismic status.

    Earthquake Safety/Seismic Improvements

    Updated October 2020 PDF version adobe PDF icon

    School Building: Year of Most Recent Seismic Improvements

    Adams, John Elementary: 2017

    Addams, Jane Middle School: 2016 (additional work scheduled 2024-25)

    African American Academy (Rising Star Elementary): 2020

    Alki Elementary: 2019 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2025)

    Arbor Heights Elementary: 2016

    Bagley, Daniel Elementary: 2020

    Ballard High School: 1999

    Beacon Hill International Elementary: 2020

    Blaine, Catharine K-8: 2019

    Boren, Louisa STEM K-8: 2013

    Broadview-Thomson K-8: 2020

    Bryant Elementary: 2001

    Cascade Parent Partnership (@North Queen Anne): 2014 (additional work scheduled for 2021)

    Cascadia Elementary: 2017

    Cedar Park Elementary: 2015

    Chief Sealth High School: 2010

    Cleveland STEM High School: 2005

    Coe, Frances Elementary: 2003 (addition expected to be completed 2021)

    Columbia School: 2011 (additional work scheduled for 2023)

    Concord Elementary: 2000

    Cooper (Pathfinder Elementary): 2000

    Day, B.F. Elementary: 2017

    Dearborn Park International Elementary: 2018

    Decatur, Stephen Elementary: 2017

    Denny International Middle School: 2011

    Dunlap Elementary 2000

    Eagle Staff, Robert Middle School: 2017

    Eckstein Middle School: 2019

    Emerson Elementary: 2001

    Fairmount Park Elementary: 2014

    Franklin High School: 2015 (additional work scheduled for 2021)

    Garfield High School: 2006

    Gatewood Elementary: 2017

    Gatzert, Bailey Elementary: 2008

    Genesee Hill Elementary: 2016

    Graham Hill Elementary: 2003 (additional work scheduled for 2022)

    Green Lake Elementary: 2001

    Greenwood Elementary: 2002

    Hale, Nathan High School: 2012

    Hamilton International Middle School: 2010

    Hawthorne Elementary: 2011

    Hay, John Elementary: 2013

    Highland Park Elementary: 1999

    Hughes, E.C. School (Roxhill Elementary): 2018

    Ingraham High School: 2019

    Kimball Elementary: 2015 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2023)

    King, Jr., Martin Luther Elementary: 2006

    Kurose, Aki Middle School: 1994

    Lafayette Elementary: 2005 (additional work scheduled for 2021)

    Latona (John Stanford International Elementary): 2000

    Laurelhurst Elementary: 2019

    Lawton Elementary: 2008

    Leschi Elementary: 2018

    Licton Springs K-8 (Webster School): 2021

    Lincoln High School: 2019 (additional work scheduled 2021-22)

    Lowell Elementary: 2018

    Loyal Heights Elementary: 2018

    Luke, Wing Elementary: 2021

    Madison, James Middle School: 2004

    Madrona Elementary, 2002

    Magnolia Elementary, 2019

    Mann, Horace (Nova High School), 2015

    Maple Elementary: 2020

    Marshall, John Interim Site: 2014

    Marshall, Thurgood Elementary: 2008 (additional work scheduled for 2022)

    McClure Middle School: 2003

    McDonald International Elementary: 2012

    McGilvra Elementary, 2015

    Meany Middle School: 2017

    Mercer, Asa, International Middle School: 1989 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2025)

    Minor, T.T. (Seattle World School): 2016

    Monroe (Salmon Bay K-8): 2017

    Montlake Elementary: 2006 (BEX V major renovation expected to open 2025)

    Muir, John Elementary: 2015

    North Beach Elementary: 2008 (additional work scheduled for 2021-22)

    North Queen Anne (Cascade Parent Partnership): 2014 (additional work scheduled for 2021)

    Northgate Elementary: 1992 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2023)

    Nova High School (@ Horace Mann): 2015

    Old Hay (Queen Anne Elementary): 2019

    Olympic Hills Elementary: 2017

    Olympic View Elementary: 2019

    Orca K-8 (@Whitworth): 2020

    Pathfinder K-8 (@Cooper): 2000

    Pinehurst School (Hazel Wolf K-8): 2016

    Queen Anne Elementary (@Old Hay): 2019

    Queen Anne Gymnasium (Interagency): 1995 (additional work scheduled for 2023)

    Rainier Beach High School: 2003 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2025)

    Rainier View Elementary: 2001

    Rising Star Elementary (@African American Academy): 2020

    Rogers, John Elementary: 2007 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2025)

    Roosevelt High School: 2004

    Roxhill Elementary (@E.C. Hughes): 2018

    Roxhill School: 2002

    Sacajawea Elementary: 2015

    Salmon Bay K-8 (@Monroe): 2017

    Sand Point Elementary: 2019

    Sanislo Elementary: 1998

    Schmitz Park School Interim Site: 2001 (additional work scheduled for 2025)

    Seattle World School (@T.T. Minor): 2016

    Seward (TOPS K-8): 1999

    South Lake High School: 2004

    South Shore K-8: 2009

    Stanford, John Center for Educational Excellence (District Office): 2001

    Stanford, John International Elementary (@Latona): 2000

    Stevens Elementary: 2001

    TOPS K-8 (@Seward): 1999

    Thornton Creek Elementary: 2016

    Van Asselt School Interim Site: 2013 (BEX V addition expected to open 2023)

    View Ridge Elementary: 2019

    Viewlands Elementary: 2011 (BEX V replacement expected to open 2023)

    Washington Middle School: 1979 (additional work scheduled for 2021)

    Webster, David School (Licton Springs K-8): 2021

    Wedgwood Elementary: 2020

    West Seattle Elementary: 2007

    West Seattle High School: 2002

    West Woodland Elementary: 1991 (addition and improvements to be completed in 2021)

    Whitman Middle School: 1995

    Whittier Elementary: 1999

    Whitworth (Orca K-8): 2020

    Wolf, Hazel K-8 (@Pinehurst School): 2016