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Rainier Beach

Public Comments Requested

City of Seattle – Seattle Public Utilities Property Sale and Seattle Public Schools Property Purchase Notice

Seattle Public Utilities Henderson Street Pumping Plant

Comment Period Jan. 26–Feb. 27, 2023

Posted Jan. 26, 2023

The City of Seattle’s Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Department owns a parcel of drainage and wastewater property (DWW) that is excess to the needs of the Utility and is needed by Seattle Public Schools (SPS) to redevelop Rainier Beach High School in the southeast Rainer Beach neighborhood.

The City of Seattle would like to sell the property to SPS and needs to first collect comments from the public as part of the public notification process for property dispositions. In conjunction with the property sale, SPU plans to transfer the SPU-owned assets (a maintenance hole) on the site to SPS. King County may also explore easements or asset transfers of the 12-inch diameter main sewer to Seattle Public Schools, as a separate action.

This site would be used by the school district for staging areas during construction and in the future would be part of the Rainier Beach High School campus. At this time, there are no alternate uses or plans being considered for this excess property.

Comments received will be collected and summarized as part of a final report to Seattle Public Schools and City of Seattle elected officials and decision-makers.

Please provide your comments by Monday, Feb. 27 to:
Real Estate Services,

aerial image showing a large square building with a central courtyard which is labeled Seattle Public Schools Rainier Beach High School. A red lines outlining the property parcel. Two sides of the red outlined area are fronted by S. Henderson St. at the bottom and Seward Park Ave S on the right side. A blue outlined box is in the lower right marked SPU-DWW (10,000 sqft). A blue arrow points to the box. An arrow pointing up marks North.
aerial view of several blocks of a neighorhood. In the center, a blue outline defines three parcels, each marked Seattle Public Schools. Within the lines you can see a track and field, other playfields, a large square building with a courtyard, and some other large buildings. In the lower right of the blue outline, there is a lighter blue square labled Parcel to be sold. Other parcels on the map are outlined in red and marked Parks. There are other buildings and homes throughout the area. A body of water is on the right side. A legend denotes SPU parcel for sale, SPS, and City of Seattle Properties