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Arts Team Coordinator Description

2019-20 Job Description 

Position Summary:

The Creative Advantage is Seattle Public School’s plan for ensuring that every school is an arts-rich school and that every student has the opportunity to learn through the arts.  School arts teams are an essential strategy.  Arts teams are led by a school leader.  Year one is a planning year and the following years are implementation years.  Once implementation begins, we suggest the school leaders and arts team selects an Arts Team coordinator to schedule and facilitate team meetings and to coordinate arts partnerships within the school.   In the first year, The Creative Advantage provides a stipend to the coordinator.


  1. Schedule and facilitate 3-5 school arts team meetings during the school year.
  2. Attend a training in early November to learn:
    1. How to program and coordinate arts partnerships,
    2. How to contract with arts partners from the Creative Advantage roster
    3. Best practices of co-planning for teachers and teaching artists.
    4. Using an equity lens to make decisions about arts in your school
  3. Attend 2 arts team coordinator PLCs (Jan and May) with Creative Advantage staff to share experiences with colleagues, discuss potential improvements, and provide feedback on school-based programs to Creative Advantage staff.
  4. With support from Creative Advantage staff, coordinate with arts team and school staff to select Creative-Advantage funded arts partnerships (arts integration and/or staff PD) and act as an initial point of contact for arts partners.
  5. Report on partnerships – partners, hours, students served to Creative Advantage project manager
  6. Liaison with our evaluation team, The BERC Group to:
    1. Schedule annual observations and focus groups in the school for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness and impact of The Creative Advantage on a school community.
    2. Complete an annual School Arts Inventory for your school (May/June)
    3. Encourage school staff to complete annual 21st Century Skills attitudes and beliefs survey

Selection criteria:

  • Arts Team Coordinator must be SPS staff.
  • May be appointed by principal or selected by school arts team. 
  • Principal can also be team lead/coordinator
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and organizational skills to coordinate between school staff and arts partners

Position details:

  • Average 20 hours of additional work during the school year
  • The Creative Advantage has received a grant from the NEA to support implementation in the Southeast region.  Thanks to this, we can provide a $500 stipend to compensate the coordinator for additional hours.  Stipend will be paid in June, 2020, upon completion of responsibilities.
  • Principals: Please email Audrey Querns, Creative Advantage Project Manager to let her know who your Arts Team Coordinator will be.