Arts Partnerships

Planning an Arts Partnership

Collaborative work between community organizations and schools can take many forms. The Creative Advantage has prioritized multi-session teaching artist residencies that provide integrated and/or cultural arts learning, as well as professional development for school staff that supports integrated arts learning. Schools access the Community Arts Partner Roster for cultural institutions, community arts organizations, and individual teaching artists to provide programs aligned with their arts learning goals.

The following tools can guide teachers and arts partners to design work that improves student learning and contributes to a culture of collaboration in our schools and in our city. These tools were developed to support the phases of such a collaboration.  

These tools were developed by a team of SPS teachers, school leaders, teaching artists and arts organization administrators.  The team was facilitated by Seattle Art Museum and funded by The Wallace Foundation.

1. Partnership Project Design Tool (Fillable PDF Form)

Schools and partners can use this tool to create a high-level overview of the partnership.  Use it to generate ideas and plans for your project, create common goals, and build an understanding of roles and responsibilities of all involved. This form should be completed in collaboration with the partnering classroom teacher, arts partner, and other essentials, such as school arts team representatives. 

2. Arts Partnership Budget Tool (Fillable PDF Form)

3. Partnership Lesson Planning Tool  (Fillable PDF Form)

Community Arts Partners complete a lesson plan for a school-based residency that includes a timeline of activities, learning objectives, and check-ins to assess student learning.

4. Partnership Reflection Tool (Fillable PDF Form)

Theclassroom teacher and arts partner use this form to reflect on the work theyhave completed and draw out lessons that can inform their collective andindividual work in the future.