Arts Sustainability Funds

2019-20 Arts Sustainability Funded Partnerships

DANCE • John Muir Elementary • Gary Reed, Randy Ford, Jeffie Lou Thorn 

CREATIVE AUDIO PRODUCTION • Lowell Elementary • Jack Straw Cultural Center

CREATIVE AUDIO PRODUCTION • Denny Middle School • Jack Straw Cultural Center

CREATIVE AUDIO PRODUCTION  • Concord International Elementary • Jack Straw Cultural Center

DIGITAL AUDIO PRODUCTION • Southwest Interagency High School - •  Michael Grant

PERCUSSION • Meany Middle School • Big World Breaks

PERCUSSION • Washington Middle School • Big World Breaks

PERCUSSION • Thurgood Marshall Elementary • Big World Breaks

PERCUSSION • Seattle World School • Big World Breaks

PERCUSSION • Bailey Gatzert Elementary • Big World Breaks

PHOTOGRAPHY • Denny Middle School • Youth in Focus

PLAYWRITING • Garfield High School • ACT Theatre

PUBLIC SPEAKING • West Seattle Elementary • WeAPP: Speak with Purpose

SONGWRITING •Leschi Elem • Bushwick Northwest STYLE

SONGWRITING  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary School • Bushwick Northwest STYLE

SONGWRITING • Louisa Boren STEM K-8 • Bushwick Northwest STYLE

SONGWRITING  • Montlake Elementary • Bushwick Northwest STYLE

THEATRE • Chief Sealth International High School • BAYFEST Youth Theatre

VISUAL ARTS AND SPOKEN WORD • Southwest Interagency • Arts Corps

VISUAL ART • Madrona Elementary • Greg Thornton

WRITING • Chief Sealth International High School • Bureau of Fearless Ideas