Arts Partnerships

Funding an Arts Partnership

To ensure that students at all schools have consistent access to engaging arts learning from Seattle's teaching artists and community arts and culture organizations, The Creative Advantage has two ways for schools access funds for classroom arts residencies during the school day and professional development for school staff in arts integration.

1. The Creative Advantage Funds : Each school receives $15,000 for arts partnerships over the first three years of Creative Advantage arts planning and implementation to help them realize their arts plan vision and goals.  In 2019-20, schools in cohorts 3, 4 and 5 are receiving Creative Advantage arts partnership funds.

2. The Creative Advantage Arts Sustainability Funds : Once a Creative Advantage school has spent their initial funds, they are eligible for up to $5000 each year to support sustaining and growing the arts beyond the initial three years. These are non-competitive grants for planned partnerships between a school and a community arts partner from The Creative Advantage Roster .  In 2019-20, school in cohorts 1 and 2 are eligible for these funds.

Next Step:

Once you know who your arts partner is and how you funding your partnership, create a Personal Services Contract .