The Creative Advantage

Covid and Creative Advantage Contracts at Schools

About 30 arts partnerships at schools were impacted by the COVID-19 school closures. Many of our Creative Advantage arts partners who have provided high-quality arts learning to SPS students over the years are experiencing serious financial impact due to school closures, cancellation of arts events and the stay-at-home order. We want to make sure that we are doing all that we can to support our partners so they can continue to partner with schools, teachers and students during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. For your contracts that are funded by The Creative Advantage, please know that you have options for how to continue your partnership:

1. Extend contracts to next school year :  Your school’s unspent Creative Advantage funds will roll over into the next school year.  That means that if you and the partner agree, you can extend your contracts to next school year, when schools have re-opened. This is approved by the funder, The Office of Arts & Culture.

2. Distance Learning : Another option that some schools are pursuing is to re-design the partnership for distance learning. This could look a variety of ways. Examples are:
•Partner creates online videos that teachers share with students
•Partner provides on-line learning via Microsoft Teams 
•Partner provides small group coaching/tutoring or studio time - 
•For distance learning, the district strongly suggests that contact should occur with more than one student, more than one adult, or both. Before working with a student, partner staff and volunteers should visit the SPS background page to learn more about requirements for student safety.