American Indian Studies: Since Time Immemorial

Native American Racial Equity Tool

Teacher Protocol for Using Unvetted American Indian Classroom Resources or Materials

Make sure you’re up to date:

  • Attend SPS district STI Training. Principals may ask for clock hours or attendance verification of SPS trainings held 2015 and later. Note: STI training provided through the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Office of Native Education is optional and does not satisfy the specific the SPS STI training requirement.
  • Know how to access required STI curriculum and SPS Recommended Supplemental Resources.
  • Implement STI curriculum according to OSPI’s 2020 social studies scope and sequence and the district’s Scope and Sequence of American Indian Resources.

All of the classroom resources and materials teachers need to successfully fulfill the requirements of STI have already been identified and created. Teachers can explore them in the following locations:

Make sure you plan in advance & follow protocol:

1. Start Early! We suggest that you and your teaching cohort begin planning and identifying American Indian content in the fall. Any resource review can take over three weeks. Plan accordingly.

a) Identify units where you will teach American Indian content.

b) Identify skills and content area standard(s) and the OSPI STI student outcome(s) you intend to teach.

2.Evaluate What Is Already Available to You: Examine the relevant expanded materials required or recommended by Seattle Public Schools or OSPI. We are confident you will find suitable, engaging materials to meet your objectives and standards. If after examining vetted American Indian resources you still cannot find suitable materials, move to Step 3 below.

Make sure you follow protocol:

3.Execute the following procedures for use of unvetted American Indian Classroom Resources or Materials as soon as possible :

a) Identify an alternate resource.

b) Obtain the link to the Anti-Indian Bias Prevention Tool from your principal. Use your building principal’s link ONLY. Each building has its own unique form so that your submission is sent directly to your building principal.

c) Conduct a cursory review of your selected resource by using the Anti-Indian Bias Prevention Tool. If you believe it is free of bias, continue to Step 4.

d) Complete the Native American Racial Equity Tool form (NOTE: The NARET link is an example. You will need to use your building’s NARET link . If you believe your resource is free on bias, continue to Step 5.

e) Submit the completed NARET form AND a digital or hard copy of the proposed alternate materials to your building principalat least three weeks before you intend to use the materials.

f) Obtain building principal approval or follow next steps as directed by your building principal.

Anti-Indian Bias Prevention Tool (submit online form only)

Before completing SPS’s online Native American Racial Equity Tool (NARET) , determine whether you should begin the request process by first reviewing the questions in Evaluating American Indian Materials and Resources and How to Tell the Difference: A Guide for Evaluating Children’s Books for Anti-Indian Bias. All of the publication information and most of the questions are on the online form that you will submit to your principal.