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    Advanced Learning Evaluation

    Please Note Update to Evaluation Process 

    Evaluation Process

    The Advanced Learning Department will not hold any in-person or remote testing this year for eligibility determinations due to COVID-19. Instead, existing historical data will be used to create a wholistic, comprehensive picture of student performance and potential for students in K-8. Classroom-based assessments will be reviewed along with any existing state or district assessment data and additional parent/teacher information (Student Skills Survey) regarding all referred students. The department will also collect and review data for all K-8 students furthest from educational justice, with a focus on Black students and students receiving ELL services, who were not referred to identify those who may benefit from Advanced Learning services. Eligibility decisions will be made and communicated to families by April or May.

    Private Evaluators

    Testing provided by private evaluators will only be accepted for appeals, not in lieu of or as part of initial Seattle Public Schools evaluation.


    The eligibility decision process is conducted by the Advanced Learning Office's Multidisciplinary Selection Committee. The process of determining if a student is eligible for Advanced Learning Programs or Highly Capable Services begins after all required information has been collected for the student. Read more about results.

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    Key Dates

    See our calendar webpage for upcoming dates and general referral and testing windows.