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    HC High School Course Recommendations  

    As part of the 2019-20 school year, which now includes three HC Pathway High Schools (Garfield, Lincoln andWest Seattle), our aim is to create predictable, consistent and sustainable advanced course offerings at each of the HC Pathway high schools. Admissions is ready to help with the enrollment process and school counselors are ready to assist students with their individual needs once they have been assigned to a school.

    This sequence of coursework includes Honors Designation, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Courses. Some courses may be offered in a rotation sequence contingent upon student interest, enrollment and staffing as part of a three-year roll out period beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

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    Additional High School FAQ

    Q: Does a student need to be eligible for Highly Capable (HC) or Advanced Learning (AL) services to enroll in advanced level coursework at SPS high schools?
    A: All high school Honors, Advanced Placement, IB & dual credit courses are open to all students regardless of HC or AL eligibility.

    Q: Can a student take all the HC Pathway Course Recommendations at any SPS high school?
    A: No. Students eligible for HC services can take the HC Pathway Course Sequence Recommendations at one of the three HC pathway high schools. During this roll out period, some courses may be offered in a rotation sequence contingent upon student interest, enrollment and staffing.

    Q: If a high school student is currently enrolled at Garfield HS or Ingraham HS in 2018-2019, will the student need to change schools for the 2019-2020 school year?
    A: No. All students currently in the HC pathways at Garfield and Ingraham will be grandfathered.

    Q: If a student designated as HC and is enrolled at Garfield HS in 2018-2019, can the student request a change to Lincoln HS in 2019-2020?
    A: Yes. Students eligible for HC services entering 10th grade in 2019-20 may choose to apply to Lincoln if they are at Garfield or at their attendance area school and live within the Lincoln HC pathway, even if they were not in an HCC pathway school in 8th grade. Families must submit a Choice Form during the Open Enrollment period. Read more about Open Enrollment (February 4-15).

    Q: Are students eligible for HC services required to attend their HC Pathway High School?
    A: No. While students identified in elementary or middle school as eligible to receive Highly Capable Services and pursue much of their coursework as a clearly defined Highly Capable Cohort (HCC), students identified as HC-eligible can choose their high school coursework based on interest and college and career goals. The traditional HC cohort model is not continued at the high school level; however, students that receive HC and Advanced Learning (AL) services will continue to have access to advanced level coursework.

    Q: Does a high school diploma indicate a student’s HC or AL designation?
    A: There is no indicator on a high school diploma that identifies a student’s HC or AL or any other special program designation. No special program designations may be listed on a high school transcript or diploma due to FERPA protection laws. The high school diploma is a document that confirms a student’s completion of state and district course/credit requirements.

    Q: Can a high school student graduate early if all graduation requirements have been met?
    A: Yes, if a student has met all state and district graduation requirements for their specific graduation year, the student can make arrangements with their school counselor to confirm the completion of credit requirements and graduate early. Students and families should check the Graduation Bulletin and with their school counselor to ensure that a student’s planned coursework meets all graduation requirements.

    Q: If a student completed a course in middle school that is eligible for high school credit, what is the process for transferring those credits to a student’s high school transcript?
    A:High school students that completed a middle school course that is eligible for high school credit can request a Middle School Course Credit Form from their high school counselor. Students and families should return the completed form to the counseling office for processing to determine if credit will be rewarded.