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    Advanced Learning Parent Referral Forms in Eight Languages
    Posted on 10/19/2020

    Advanced Learning Referral Window August 28-December 7, 2020

    During the referral window, submitting a referral for students currently enrolled in Seattle Public Schools is the first step for your student to be tested and considered for advanced learning programs and services.

    Translated Referral Forms

    We welcome you to use our translated Parent Referral Forms now available in the following languages:

    Amharic ለላቀ/ከፍ ላለ ትምህርት/አድቫንስድ ለርኒንግ/ መጠቆሚያ ቅጽ

    Chinese 资优学习推荐作评估

    Oromo Qormaataaf Akeeka Barnoota Fooya’aa

    Somali U-diritaanka Qiimaynta Waxbarashada Sare

    Spanish Referencia a la Evaluación de Aprendizaje Avanzado

    Tagalog Pagsangguni sa Pagtantiya sa Abanteng Pag-aaral

    Tigrigna ናይ ዝለዓለ ትምህርቲ/አድቫንስድ ለርኒንግ/መጠቆሚ(መሕተቲ)ቅጥዒ

    Vietnamese Học Tập Nâng Cao Giới thiệu để được Đánh Giá

    Referral in English

    Parent referral in English are completed online on the parent portal called the Source.