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    Summer Learning
    Posted on 06/04/2020

    Advanced Learning will provide a collection of summer projects for each grade band (primary, intermediate, and middle grades) that will offer all students a variety of STEM activities that can be experienced at home. These projects are intended for all students and not just students who receive advanced learning and highly-capable services. Downloadable materials will be made available directly on the Advanced Learning page. Hard copies of these materials will also be available at the current 26 student meal sites. A specific date for release of these items will be communicated within the next few weeks.

    Families are also welcome to access the Summer Learning modules that align with the grade level of the curriculum their student experienced during the school year. For example, if a 4th grade student experienced the 6th grade math curriculum, they are welcome to access the 6th grade math Summer Learning modules. The purpose of these modules is to enrich the current school year’s learning. Please note, modules are available up to 8th grade.

    Families will be able to download any grade level’s modules they would like from the Summer Learning page when they are released. We will provide a link to this page along with further instructions within the next few weeks.