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    Equity Initiative
    Posted on 04/04/2018

    Advanced Learning Equity Initiative

    The Advanced Leaning Office at Seattle Public Schools is currently implementing an array of approaches (essentially simultaneously) to increase access to Advanced Learning programs.

    The focus of these efforts is to enhance equitable access to underrepresented populations, most especially low income, ELL, and students of color.  The Advanced Learning student population is currently over-represented by Caucasian students and underrepresented by Hispanic, African-American, Native American and API students.

    The strategies we are currently employing and were used throughout SY 2017-18 include:


    • Referral window expanded to May 15-Sept. 22
    • 2nd grade “universal testing” using the Naglieri NNAT test at 32 Title One elementary schools
    • Enhanced Scrutiny by The Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC)
    • “Special consideration” in the eligibility process as noted in our Superintendent Procedures and practiced by the MSC
      • Individualized research for referred ELL students for characteristics such as rapid language acquisition
      • Collaboration with Rainier Scholars to identify eligible students who had applied to their program

    Professional Development and Outreach

    • Invitations to students based on teacher recommendations (new for SY 18-10)
    • Invitations to students based on high achievement scores recognized through “data mining” (new for SY 18-19)
    • Differentiation workshops at the central office, as well as at satellite sites
    • Website information and videos and disseminated to local and social media outlets
    • Eligibility forms and first day packet announcement (translations in 7-9 languages)
    • AL representation at 3rd Annual Admissions Fair, Community Meetings, PTA meetings
    • AL representation on the Equity and Race Advisory Committee (ERAC)
    • AL representation on the Southeast Seattle Education Consortium (SESEC)
    • Presentation and partnership with the Robinson Center at the UW Equity in Gifted Education Summit
    • Continuing collaboration and data sharing with Rainier Scholars Program
    • Presentations on HC diversity efforts at WAETAG 2016 and 2017