Advanced Learning Decision Appeals

Parents/Guardians of students who have received notification of their student’s eligibility may appeal the decision of the Multidisciplinary Selection Committee (MSC).

Please read through this process carefully and note that Appeals decisions are final; there are no appeals of appeals. All students will be considered for eligibility again in the following school year.

Time Frame to Appeal

Appeals must be received in the Advanced Learning Office within 15 school days from the decision date as posted on the Source or on the USPS postmark or e-mail sent date for families who have requested translated versions. No extensions will be made.

What to Include in the Appeal

Appeals should contain a signed letter of explanation for the appeal as well as compelling information demonstrating that the student’s eligibility does not represent the child’s abilities. Note that a good match for the elementary cohort program is a student who is working 2 years above the grade level curriculum in Math and at least 1 year above the grade level curriculum in Reading.

Submission of additional information can include:

  • Results of any missed or additional classroom assessments-  The MSC has considered all state and district assessment administered at SPS in your child’s record. If you have access to other recent academic or achievement assessments administered at school that differ from the data on the Source,  You may submit them in your appeal. Tests must have been administered within the last 12 months. Assessments that have been privately administered will not be accepted.  (Privately administered assessments that are part of the Special Education referral process will be available to the MSC for consideration and can be submitted as part of an appeal.)
  • Written teacher comments-  We are collecting detailed information in the form of the Teacher data submission.  Staff members other than the teacher of record will also have the opportunity to submit information to the MSC. You may add to this information with letters from other teachers, staff, or community members who can reflect upon the unique characteristics your child demonstrates in other settings.
  • Work Samples-  If you have a work sample that illustrates creative/high level thinking or tasks completed well above your student’s grade level peer, please scan these and include with your appeal. Work samples will not be returned to you at the end of the process.
  • Make sure you’ve completed the Parent Survey available to families in mid-October-  Email us at if you need the link re-sent to your family.
  • You may also include other observed indicators- Examples of your child’s abilities not already included in your Parent Survey. Focus on evidence that illustrates need for accelerated learning in both math and reading.

Appeal Packet Guidelines

An appeal should include a signed statement from the parent/guardian with the student’s name, ID number and school. You will need to provide compelling information demonstrating that the decision of the MSC should be reconsidered.

Please note: We only accept complete appeals packets. We will not add any information once the appeal paperwork is submitted. Please make sure it is complete before you send it.

How To Submit:

We accept appeals via us mail and e-mail.

Complete appeals packets (including the signed cover letter, and all supporting documents) must be scanned and e-mailed to, mailed to the address below, or placed in the Advanced Learning box in the lobby of the John Stanford Center for Educational Excellence. Submitted materials are not returned.

Mail appeals to:
Advanced Learning
MS 32-936
PO Box 34165
Seattle, WA 98124-1165

Drop Appeal off in the Advanced Learning Box  in the lobby during business hours (M-F, 8:30-4:30):
2445 3rd Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98134