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Advanced Learning

Exiting and Transition Students


  • Students can exit from Highly Capable (HC) services if services are no longer appropriate.
  • A meeting of the parent/guardian, teacher, administrator, a representative from the Advanced Learning Office, and the student (at parent/ guardian discretion) is required before this service delivery change.


  • Students found eligible for Advanced Learner eligibilities receive services through grade 8. In grade 8, students will be re-evaluated for a Highly Capable eligibility. If 8th grade Advanced Learners are not found eligible for Highly Capable services, students will no longer retain an Advanced Learning eligibility through high school. 
  • All students can access advanced level coursework regardless of Advanced Learning eligibility. Students DO NOT need to obtain HC or AL eligibility to access Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), or dual credit courses in high school (except for students wishing to apply for early entrance to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program at Ingraham HS). All AP, IB and dual credit courses are open to all students regardless of HC or AL eligibility.  
  • Students found eligible for Highly Capable services will remain on their Highly Capable Pathway if families have opted in via School Choice form submission. Families do not need to re-submit a School Choice form to continue from Elementary – Middle – High School Pathway Schools.
  • Students found eligible for Highly Capable services who have opted in to receiving services at their neighborhood or option school, not the HC Pathway School, will continue to receive services in their neighborhood schools from Elementary – Middle – High School. Families have the opportunity to opt into the HC Pathway during Open Enrollment.