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    District Ombudsperson

    The Office of The District Ombudsperson is an independent and confidential alternative dispute resolution office established within the Superintendent's Office. The office was designed to assist parent/guardians, students, and SPS Schools or Departments with problem solving issues or concerns that are negatively impacting an SPS student or the SPS School-Family relationship/partnership. This is an informal and in-good faith option for problem-solving, at the lowest level, when normal procedures have failed.

    When you are not sure who to call or what to do, reaching out to the Ombuds Office is one way to confidentially discuss your concern, with a neutral third party, that is objective and impartial to the situation. The Ombudsperson and staff are present, friendly, and work in good faith. They will listen to understand, help explore options, provide information, facilitate discussions as needed, make connections, track systemic trends and make recommendations as appropriate.


    What are some things that the District Ombudsperson does?

    • Assist with problem solving, conflict, or unfair treatment regarding the process.
    • Assist in clarifying processes regarding concerns or complaints and generating options for working towards resolution.
    • Serve as a resource by providing an alternative to the formal complaint process.
    • Serve as a resource to schools, families and district administrators by providing the tools for effective collaboration and problem resolution.
    • Make recommendations to district stakeholders as necessary.
    • Hear anonymous requests for information and provide referrals.
    • Conduct informal interventions and conflict resolving facilitation between parties.



    What the District Ombudsperson will Not do?

    • Address employee grievances.
    • Make, set, or change policy.
    • Compel any decision or the implementation of recommendations made as a result of an informal investigation.
    • Act as an advocate.
    • Interfere or undermine an existing complaint or appeal process.
    • Provide legal advice or engage in legal proceedings.


    Commonly Sought District Departments

    See quick reference info and links below that may also assist with your questions and concerns. You can always reach out to the SPS District Ombudsperson to explore options for resolving a concern at any point or if the info below isn't helpful.

    Submit a Question or Concern to the Ombuds Office


    Helpful District Webpages