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    Certificated Seniority and Experience Credit

    Seniority credit, Experience credit and service in the State Retirement System:

    Seniority Credit

    Seniority is the amount of union time credited to an employee that would be considered during a RIF (reductio n in force) process. Seniority is the category of time that protects an SEA position in the event of a RIF, if the employee has more seniority than another employee in the same position

    Seniority credit is given to teachers for ANY teaching work time they have earned in Washington state public schools. Teachers earn 1 year of seniority for a .5 FTE position and above. If a teacher works less than a .5 FTE position the teacher earns seniority at their FTE for the year. Seniority credit is not earned during unpaid leave time

    Experience Credit

    Experience credit is teaching time that equates to how an employee is paid, and how the district receives funds for that teacher from the state. Experience credit is also used to determine placement on the performance schedule for the Professional Growth and Evaluation (PG&E) system.

    Experience credit is salary placement: Experience is the category of time that is reported on the S275 report to the state and experience quotas determine what salary level to pay a teacher. Experience credit is given for teaching experience in and out of Washington State and from public and private schools, if it is in positions which require certification. This means - Certification must be required (not recommended, suggested, encouraged, requested, etc.) for employment in that position; and the employee must have a valid certificate. Employees receive Experience credit at the FTE level they work. It is not uncommon for a former out-of-state teacher, or a former private school teacher, to begin their career at SPS with multiple years of Experience credit.

    Service in the State Retirement System

    Service in the Washington State Department of Retirement System (DRS) and Seniority and Experience credit do not relate and are calculated independently. For retirement information contact DRS at: 800-547-6657 or view their website at